Please comments with criticisms/errors you notice. Song: Scotty - The Black Pearl (Dave Darell Radio Edit)
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Tried to make it as understandable as possible. Hope it helps!

16 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle, Lesson 8: Turning Running Man Kicks”

  1. GrenadeMan100 says:

    Nice vid but currency words and more Sfuffle 🙂 but Thumbs up….

  2. lol what u talking about,, ur tutorial can make them so pro!! XD anata wa sugoi desu!

  3. QueenFoolEmi says:

    Domo go shinsetsu ni Zeze-kun ^^
    Got another one going up later.
    I forgot spins xD Also i cant’ teach them ahah T_T

  4. freakin nice tutorial emi-chan! u did awesome job here!!! i like it,, easy to learn,, 5/5,,

  5. QueenFoolEmi says:

    Yeahhh it’s greattt (:
    Oooo ima give that a listen noww (:

  6. Emiii 😀 I love beatraxx – Project well 😀

    If you like this you should give Gary McF – Ahh Ahh Ahh a listen 😀

  7. i dont know how to shuffle :(

  8. QueenFoolEmi says:

    you already shuffle better than me! :O

  9. watcha talkin bout ;o

  10. QueenFoolEmi says:

    You can already shuffle!!
    BETTTERRR than me !!

  11. QueenFoolEmi says:

    get a vid up soon (:
    i’ll give ya some tips ^^

  12. QueenFoolEmi says:

    I will make another one for spins tomorrow.
    I just didn’t really feel like putting spins in cos i was feeling lazy.
    I’ll get on to doing those tomorrow mornin or somethin for ya.

  13. Thanks, Imma learn how to do shuffling now, probably will look like a retard but meh. imma try.

  14. QueenFoolEmi says:

    Glad it’s helping peopleee (:
    Tried to break it down as best i could.
    Happy practising (:

    Emii // HMR // JTU

  15. QueenFoolEmi says:

    Your welcome ^^
    Really do hope it helps
    Haha i guess 5 will be okay xD

    Emii // HMR // JTU

  16. Great tutorial Emi
    thanks for makin it for me 🙂
    i have a feeling this is gonna help me clumps 🙂
    10* video definately 😉 but 5* for obvious reasons =P
    love it!