i mixed melbourne shuffle with tecktonic arm movements
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9 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle mixed with Tecktonik”

  1. thunderhorse1000 says:

    @Auser11123 lol check out my newest video and you will see

  2. Auser11123 says:

    I think its a good idea… dude keep it up… it would loooook siiiiiickkkk perfected

  3. music8mysoul says:

    By now you’ve prob got it but just in case:
    Make the are movements defined. That’s what makes tektonik, well, tektonik.

  4. thunderhorse1000 says:

    @Ghostly1231 lol yeah, i havent gotten used to shuffling without me hat T-T so i have a habit of raching up to grab it

  5. Ghostly1231 says:

    Most of the time you just look like you are scratching your head.

  6. Ghostly1231 says:

    Master both first broham.

  7. Kelsseyybbaby says:

    i likkee it ;D i wanna learn tecktoinik! comment mine? 😀

  8. blackmetalzbomb says:

    not your best dude… but still entertaining

  9. thunderhorse1000 says:

    damn youtube fucked up the audio again