Featured shufflers : ace elle mac pae sarah imzeh

Tracklists : 1. Nish - Talk 2 Me (Jon The Baptist VS DJ Chuck E Remix) 2. Synergy - The Anthem 3. Megara VS DJ Lee - Human Nature

25 Responses to “Shuffle Mixtape – Hard Trance”

  1. elle is perfect

  2. shuffelle says:

    @VerifyTheValidity >=/

  3. TopNotchGlowtek says:

    Check out my channel for new shuffle videos

  4. wazuphuyd says:

    @magicpup69 isnt that kinda harsh?

  5. xLogiCz says:

    Check the shuffle video on my profile 🙂

  6. slimjim1456 says:

    what song is it it 53 seconds

  7. Markeyp94 says:

    what the fuck is this shit

  8. allyelina says:

    swedishgirl shuffle video /watch?v=deYgZtuzJyw check it out 😀

  9. MagicPup69 says:

    yeah i am you asian loving motherfucker cunt.

  10. E3EquipeExtacy1 says:

    axo q eh elle mas n importa
    q Loca gata *-* se ela quiser meu msn xD

    A Beatifull Girl ² Very Beatufull !!! *-*

  11. TheAngelofCare says:

    @MagicPup69 Resorting to racism? Are you serious? You’re an idiot.

  12. MagicPup69 says:

    @insanity0c YES please do give me some views. lol most hated. get fucked faggot

  13. MagicPup69 says:

    @edie91 to rip on these stupid motherfuckers

  14. carlitos1989angel says:

    @edie91 yeah my bad
    i wasnt payin attention…
    sorry..but seriously this video is awesome..

  15. TheKilrosh says:

    0:50, nice.

  16. Apophis335 says:

    chicks look better at doing the shuffle. id rather watch a chick than a guy. ☺

  17. insanity0c says:

    @MagicPup69 <--- this guys like the most hated guy on youtube check his channel <3<3 lol

  18. @MagicPup69 then why’d you bother watching this clip cunt ?

  19. @carlitos1989angel can you please read the description ? -_______-

  20. carlitos1989angel says:

    hey i need all this songs
    someone please help me,,

  21. carlitos1989angel says:

    @MiZuKo001 yes she is fuckin gorgeous…lol

  22. MagicPup69 says:

    i dont give a shit if they can shuffle better than me. shuffle is shit. and asians are the grittest cunts and should all go die.

  23. NoahWtfZomg says:

    @MagicPup69 asian can shuffle better than u asshole

  24. TheDjKuDoks says:


  25. hadjardiablo says:

    whats the song when the asian guy dnac e to plz