this is just some simple running man video from me.. still newbie i can say, dunno whether it's good or not.. pls comment..


this is how to jerk, check out the best jerk crew ever
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46 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle (mostly running man)”

  1. Senapskaptenen says:

    That’s a bit retarded, both the Shuffle and the Running Man is part of the Melbourne shuffle.

  2. Senapskaptenen says:

    Ya it looks like this 4 me 2, except I mostly do shuffle and kicks 😛

  3. jcoreunit says:

    good work man :P

  4. lol?

  5. good try

  6. robby102938 says:

    I’t looks like when i shuffle 😀 (I’m newbie to^^) but plz buy new boxes 😀

  7. Griffinboy2 says:

    You rock dude!!! thanks so much!

  8. gutostrikerevo2 says:

    Q-Base Anthem ( Lost in Dreams )

  9. Griffinboy2 says:


  10. Griffinboy2 says:

    I like running man a little more than the shuffle, but i do agree that shuffle works perfectly with running man. Running is like a malaysian version of shuffle, so they call it the malaysian shuffle in some places.

  11. piahanasta says:

    Good stuff mate. Yeah agreed, running man and Melbourne shuffle lookos awsome when it looks like you sliding… who agrees? Some people would call it soft style? I dunno, still, keep up the good work 🙂

  12. Griffinboy2 says:

    who me?

  13. sweetjesuss says:

    that a joke?

  14. Griffinboy2 says:

    he probably wouldn’t because he isn’t sliding his feet, he’s actually making very small consecutive hops, which makes it look like hes sliding, which is the whole dance move.

  15. Griffinboy2 says:

    dude ur fine at running man. Nice variation, just work the arms a little bit more and you’ll get nice!

  16. Dustin322 says:

    wicked good runningman

  17. blondeyalert says:

    were do u learn this????

  18. yea that made me laugh for 3 minutes xD

  19. haha ^^

  20. mitsufreak says:

    hahaha i thout that 2!!!!!!!!!!lolololol:)

  21. your feet look like hands.. :p

  22. nice

  23. kimzor1989 says:

    Did you get carpet burns?

  24. fuckin good work guy, but, poor feet 🙁

  25. dannyLLLLLL says:

    hey check out my vid and comment me tell me what you think

  26. inSaNeeReMiiX says:

    Yuh Guys Take Thm Skinnyz Off Yaa Dnt Kniw How 2 Rock Em And Ya Cant Jerk Ya Suk

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  28. Devinjames757 says:

    U tryin to jack off or sumthin

  29. skullcandyent says:

    yall suck scull candy ent repp kid blue

  30. punkXmeX219 says:

    how bout em lakers… niggga? yo where yall from son. both of u r cute bu thte boy with the talent and young shirt is fucking sexy nigga. luvvvv ur earrings. i would totally dig u son especcially the one with the talent and unlimited shirt

  31. PowonPowonPow says:

    @DoubleMintTwins10100 they’re mexican

  32. r u looking around for cars or cops lol?

  33. DoubleMintTwins10100 says:

    Why they keepp looking aroundd ?

  34. MrHerson20 says:


  35. theskatekid1001 says:

    wow no ball shpe

  36. wazzup329 says:

    The lil boy can dance but dont play people like that thats not how u cat daddy or jerk i know cuz i kill it all the time and fuck i will make a video how to cat daddy and jerk my lil bro and sis can do it BETTER

  37. wazzup329 says:

    That lil boy can dance but dont play people like that dont how u jer or car daddy i kill that shit here i make a video of that how u do ight

  38. MARQUISE161 says:

    Dudes my bro does it better lol

  39. blackwhitekid1 says:

    come on now you niggas suck you aint tryin to come at me a jerk battle

  40. Nerds 🙂 untalented fools need to get off da internet

  41. TheComedyCrew2010 says:

    @gogojerks ay check out my dougie vids

  42. SRomero78 says:

    what da heck does that sign mean

  43. jajajason66 says:

    that is so gay

  44. ThatGuyTyym30ut says:

    thats a big ass shirt

  45. gogojerks says:

    how do you teach something you dont know? come on bros

  46. DUENAS619 says:

    Nerds Hah