Random vid before rave. 1st song.Benny Benassi -whos your daddy (Pumpkin remix)not entirely sure but its close to that i lost the song. 2.Dj infiniti-12 inch (again not sure i lost the songs)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

26 Responses to “Melbourne shuffle *OLD SCHOOL*”

  1. White Raver


  2. thunderhorse1000 says:

    @driftrt i agree with both of you, so many people dont get it. I was shuffling at a rave and people wer like where is the running man, kicks, and spins.., anyway, you are a fantastic shuffler. And i have the same pants as you :3

  3. LilGunner030 says:

    As far as commenting you, driftrt. Nice shuffling and love the outfit! Keep rockin out!

  4. fuzzygreendemon says:

    you have good rythm and flow

  5. @jonathanPWNSyou wow thanks if only more ppl understood what your talking about.

  6. @tatnrf001 thank you!

  7. Nice old school. Try kick on right too don’t just concentrate on your left. =].
    Nice 5/5.

  8. You are the first man I see who isn’t white.
    Keep dancin!

  9. I like your style, not to fast, you’ve got the timing of the Melbourne and use the space of Hardstyle, real relaxed look.

  10. MrCOLORADOBUD says:

    good shuffle.

  11. BromTraceurPKRoma says:

    can u do a tutorial :)?

  12. CrazyRusse13 says:

    Love your shuffling and i love your pants

  13. HardCore mate, you rule ! 😀

  14. dude this is the best style i seen so far. u own it bro.

  15. Now thats good shuffling.. you can actually see whats going on most new age shuffling is way to sloppy and bunched together to make it look a little better

  16. cheezychimp says:

    I’m startin to like old school better than hardstyle version. A lot funkier and more room to have your own style. Keep it up.

  17. love your style man keep on rockin

  18. darkdekmaster says:

    finally someone shufflin to some good songs

  19. the12345678909876543 says:

    nice shuffle

  20. thunderhorse1000 says:

    omg i have the same uv reactive ufo pants lol

  21. the old school are best with the new school

  22. AnaticulaeIratae14 says:

    This is phenomenal

  23. Lummerland74 says:

    Really awesome !

  24. jonathanPWNSyou says:

    dude all i can say is epic sooooo many people now are about harder and harder and the true feeling of dancing a shuffle is being lost its not about the equivalent of headbanging with your feet its about having fun and being smooth with it and man you got that down bro XD dam dude way ta catch the emotion of the song and just jam with it.

  25. EverettHardShuffle1 says:

    @martynus94 Lots of T-stepping and really smooth flow, less running man and hard movements.

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