Old School Shuffler, used to rave back in 2001 and stopped at 2003, after a 6 year exile on the dance floor. This is the way how old school shufflers were like, I can't believe I still have those moves after a long abscence. Although the video feels scratchy, it feels smooth nethertheless... UPDATE: There's a 2nd video, this time outside with more room and some more tricks and better skills. I was dissapointed over the camera angle and the desync of the music. 2nd Video www.youtube.com
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Danielzz.. this boy is the example of what happens when shuffling becomes your education, job, girlfriend, food and reason for living. Techno Rocker Hard Trance Raver Hard Kandy Pure Hard Dance Amnesia Hoodie Hoody Pharmacy Kryal Castle Ultraworld Twister HSD Bubble Glowsticks Peaking Rocking Overdose GHB Ice Shard Gaz Speed Underage Francis Malaysia Dutch Holland Brazil Sydney China Michael Mikki Crew Battle Dance How to shuffle like Daniel Raver pants long hair girl sexy Jessica Alba Misa Campo
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50 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle: Old School Shuffler – Zerotech”

  1. xxabbieundeadxx says:

    WTF !
    LMFAO !! DUDE thanks for the laughs (: haha

  2. OMFG hilarious as, looks like his pouring piss onthe ground anddd his got tape on his shoes lmfao soo hard. absolutely pissing myself atm 🙂

  3. fuktheworld1 says:

    2001 is old school now?

  4. I’d have to agree, that looks like the pee pee dance for sure.

  5. Jinglebombgirl says:

    Ants in ur pants? or had to pee? lol looked like it at 1:59-2:05

  6. Counterfantanist says:

    awwwwwwwww old school fuck you like as a dumbass

  7. MRSILVERblade8 says:

    im sorry if u live there 🙁 really im really sorry

  8. Emeianoite says:

    I wish I could dance like that!

  9. Vitorlima13 says:


  10. omg animal!!!

  11. DundrHed says:

    “and what the hell is with that STAIN on my floor?! Wait till your father gets home!”

  12. AlexSmash100 says:


  13. @spuddles31

    Lol remember dude, their are a bunch of fucking kids on here. They don’t know shit about old school. They need to learn hot to respect the old schoolers.

  14. xXNationsNightmareXx says:

    i wanna learn ur moves that rocks 😀 XD

  15. keencat2 says:

    this is dope i wana learn ur moves 😀

  16. sushiorox says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!

  17. IxXJoiXxI says:


  18. REETARD !!!!

  19. Liarsenic777 says:


  20. aznhmongleader says:

    lol that is gay!

  21. kadinho140795 says:


  22. are u living in that dumpster?????

  23. It’s oldschool-shuffle… :/

  24. Are u living there? XD

  25. mrshuffle99 says:

    sad 🙁

  26. MrDanthemegaman says:

    this is a huge ass favor,please have a look at my video responce(chachi shuffle pt.2)my name is also daniel,nd danielzz is my idol,i need views so i hope u could get tha chance to watch my video =)

  27. Danielz incomparable style seeing a video of reminds me of the golden age of shuffle the good times, it is only a matter of time before the shuffle back to what it was before
    I liked the video does not get tired of seeing: D

  28. Predator408 says:

    What’s the second song?

  29. agentevirus says:

    that’s right

  30. OnePiece4ev3r says:

    Daniel’s not gliding,he’s flying!

  31. camzaidz says:

    0.08 dude in background starts attempt at shuffle
    0.15 dude in background notices the pro is putting him to shame and quickly gives up on his fail
    0.32 after walking to the front he decides he wants to bang danielzz
    0.33 background dude has officially turned gay

  32. veio demoro pra nois alinha pode vim com tudo q vc sabe


  33. cocismaha says:

    that 1:05 part is like best shuffling that i have ever seen!

  34. Jonasvalgo says:

    haha good times

  35. TheNicknameKid says:

    yeah this is real shuffle not like that american shit i just saw

  36. the king of shuflle

  37. FreeRbiker says:

    Dj Overdog – Ready (DJ Slideout Rmx) , First song (Y)

  38. FreeRbiker says:

    cruz and the white – make it faster 0:40
    frst song?

  39. mastergoddy says:


  40. hey whats the first song on this video ?

  41. AlucarTCS says:

    please track list

  42. GlowStickShuffler1 says:

    BC francis is wayyy better but hes still sikk

  43. chaosivan10 says:

    Daniel is my favorite Shuffler ever u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. preddiify says:

    @Syphon4856 found it fanks!

  45. Syphon4856 says:

    @preddiify Cruz & the white i think
    Cruz and the something i know i’m just too lazy to look it up. sorry

  46. preddiify says:


  47. preddiify says:

    whats the fucking sik song at 0:40 ????

  48. preddiify says:

    one of the best ;>

  49. bringthemyoung says:

    i think itz: Avaline ft.Yazmin Vigus- Stay (Orginal Mix)

  50. bringthemyoung says:

    need the song at 1:10!!olz someone ask:-))