me at 1 month shuffle practice plz rate and comment my vid also sub song list: 1# Alpha twins - Smack My Derb 2# Dark Oscillators - Nero 3# Blutonium Boy - Hardstyle Dimension (Pokie Remake) 4# Showtek - Dust 2 Dust 5# Brennan Heart - Revival X (Showtek Remix) 6# Brennan Heart vs. Jdx - Get Wasted (Blademasterz Remix)

25 Responses to “melbourne shuffle practice vid”

  1. TheKillerfist99 says:

    Omg the first Guy is so Fail xD

  2. superbeast1000 says:

    @Dilarez newbie like a boss

  3. just playin ol newbie

  4. Hahahha.. please learn to do the running man proper before u even do a video of shuffling.

  5. BallinTillDeath69 says:


  6. ilovetobboy says:

    Dude… need to use your arms, don’t just leave them flopping around.

  7. hhaarrddssttyyllee says:

    i can do it better!!!! LOLFAILOMG!!!

  8. mattyhulla says:

    Fkn homo! hahaha

  9. PeacockProduction says:


  10. Nope, ur trying to hard, go back to the basics and do it right

  11. mutationssss says:

    hey… try steppin faster n harder… tat wut i think u shud improve on… anyway nice =) 5/5

  12. Schmidy3737 says:

    fuck bro your sik for just one month..

  13. Keep up your basics dude, I can see that you got great potential, include the upper body a tiny bit more and yeah =D

    Keep it up dude.

  14. that looks like wezza plaza

  15. pretty awesome, but yes, move your arms lol

  16. BattoLink96 says:

    not too bad plz watch my vid plz

  17. Hardstyle2013 says:

    not bad just get ur arms movin n ur there

  18. superbeast1000 says:

    thnx man

  19. Some grammar error there. Feet movements lol double plural. What I meant was footwork, sorry =)

  20. You are getting the feet movements. But the transitions and the arms are a little sloppy to me.

  21. alloyvistaeatswafer says:

    hey man sweet shuffle, ur getn betta, and good recording there hermz keep it up. and o0xXTimXxo0 u suck balls at shuffle, take ur filthy comments elsewhere

  22. noob

  23. keep it up bro

  24. RamPaGe93HST says:

    Good! 5*!^^
    Plz watch the my video! 😉

  25. pwnage man keep it up 5/5