Some dancing a few days ago. Couldn't wait for the weekend and there was this great track I just had to go out and had some fun dancing. I am sorry for the bad quality and poor edit. I am just not so into editing and don't care so much about it. Hope you enjoy it.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Music - EOS LHS melbourne shuffle music mix PinoyBoii - Hope you guys like it 🙂

21 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Rock by Ben”

  1. TheGermanRockers says:


  2. EnisoCanShuffle says:

    Awesome rock dude! Keep doing more vids!

  3. DJKaneHtownshuffler says:

    damn sick shuffle

  4. fuck geil gehts ab da 😉
    wenigstens mal n paar gute leude aus deutschland 😉
    greetz vom Tyra @ GS 😉

  5. i just say


  6. LipdickGER says:

    Wie gut er einfach ist!!

  7. loadfreakx says:

    macht er sich doch gedanken das es langweilig sein könnte… =D
    Keep rawkin!

  8. so wird’s gemacht, respekt!

  9. Krissy1502 says:

    schönes ding

  10. TheGermanRockers says:

    so wird gerockt!!! GERMAN ROCKERS!

  11. TheFunhunterS says:

    Ben ist der Man in Black 😀 … sehr nice! 😉 stay cool =)

  12. LeoBritoS2 says:

    very good bro’ nice style.
    Larry = FHS =

  13. Sup4hFlyCr3w says:

    Hey its Ultim-A here and PInoyBoii is an amazing shuffler!

  14. DamnYouKitty98 says:

    bey avery(: its cassie, your girlfriends friend. your videos are amazing. your SO good (: subscribe (;

  15. teamWhatev says:

    nice shuffling dude!

  16. Sup4hFlyCr3w says:

    @MiiGueL09 thx

  17. Good Shuffle

  18. Sup4hFlyCr3w says:

    @iMaYaah ty:)

  19. Sup4hFlyCr3w says:

    @TheMCAndre ty:)

  20. nice ^^

  21. nice ^^
    keep up !!!