Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “~Melbourne Shuffle Rockers!~”

  1. SmartHardstyle says:

    NOT BAD! at all!!!!

  2. ccshufflers says:

    i love this

  3. ShuffleKaos says:

    Comenta ai glr

  4. @imingunit1 yee this is warehouse ;p

  5. imingunit1 says:

    what is that place? lyk a warehouse or something?

  6. @kokzzz95 starsi od Ciebie … błysnełeś inteligencją… idz wypowiedz się na forum tibi

  7. Blober112 says:

    That intro was fucking awesome 😀
    Nice shuffling 🙂
    Loving the phats 😀

  8. Tuning1st says:

    2:59 Hahahahaha!!!

  9. tetsk8ter says:

    spłaszczone maski xd 1/5

  10. very good shuffling!!! 5/5

  11. TheGermanRockers says:

    nice rockin guys, keep it up.

  12. shufflemania123 says:

    this is badass man 5/5 check out my vids plz and subbed 😀

  13. henke9100 says:

    Looks good, can’t understand tough, why you don’t have original size on footage.

    Nice footwork, some could practise on their body moves and holding.

  14. TheJunjun07 says:

    kid has a nice spin

  15. JohnyBoy283 says:

    ugly as shit boiii

  16. TheOriginalChaos says:

    sweet shuffling here, deserves more views even though its recent

  17. benjamin1802 says:

    pretty good 🙂 4/5

  18. o jaaa ; o
    ładnie zamiatacie ;dddd

  19. 1)Kidd Kaos – Like I Said (2009 Extra Hard Mix)
    2)Lisa Lashes & Alex Kidd vs Kidd Kaos – Nu Religion
    3)Kid Kaos – Bitch
    4)Amber D & Kidd Kaos – Love Demon (Orginal Mix)

  20. hardstylesociety1 says:

    2:11 name of song plzzzz?

  21. JasonGSHUFFLE says:

    1st is Lisha lashes – nu religion
    Second i think is a kidd kaos song?

  22. Neville1337 says:

    keep it up, guys.

    HR Neville

  23. mgeorge212 says:

    awesome shuffle!!! 5*

  24. NeveyWevey says:

    Anyone know the name of these tunes?

  25. ladnie ladnie chlopaki 😀
    podobal mi sie ten film.
    cwiczyc dalej