Just some old clips of me rocking out 🙂 Song: Showtek - Beats of Life NBC - nuclear ballerina crew
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle + Showtek = Deadly combo! (HD)”

  1. @dmendiola37 Personally I don’t see how leopard tights and a shitload of bling is any better than this? I’d say both styles kinda work depending on the music. Peace!

  2. dmendiola37 says:

    @anutypenterntainment Those pants are for homos just like you stupid ass! This dance is full of shit and that was the past! Now is NOW!! SWAG is what its all about! Not baggy shit! Fucken Cunt!

  3. anutypenterntainment says:

    @dmendiola37 just another hater. go listen to your bieber you flaming faggot! this is what the world has created not a bunch of god damn lmfao swagger jacking homos. weve been doing this for years. try a renegade warehouse sometime idiot! like this is you hate haters lol just figured id toss that inthere

  4. dmendiola37 says:

    Are you mopping the floor with those mop pants???

  5. xXJohnBlack2Xx says:

    Hey guy, you know what you do.

  6. HEIS7qRuXx says:

    Amazing shuffle and Showtek is prrrrrime!!

  7. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    I am a shuffler. Check my page! 🙂

  8. NukerStyler says:


  9. ikillu1sec1 says:

    1:00 “masterbaution”

  10. GraphiqOG says:


  11. montezque says:

    kusin housuun

  12. RomaraAhallow says:

    Pretty good yo.
    Loved the almost window collision ^^

  13. Cez4rang001 says:

    I LOVE this song!!! Showtek FTW!!!!

  14. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    Im a shuffler. Check my page! 🙂

  15. Damn your shuffle is sick. How long you been shuffling?


  16. Yantar205 says:

    @nlxliberty lol i guess you dont know what PHAT PANTS is…this pants are using for better illusion of gliding… i’m sorry about my english

  17. nlxliberty says:

    why you where that pants? it dont make you nicer or faster , only ugly then you allready are. nice hoody do you shame for what you do? yes you are.

  18. varyproshot says:

    who melbs in l.a? every1 i knw just does that lmfao or malay.. -.- pple dnt knw wat melb is..any1? lol

  19. slipknot9821 says:

    So… Did you break that window yet? :3

  20. spdsniper100 says:

    beast it makes me wonto post a vid of me shuffilin

  21. just awesome !

  22. TheMightWonderBread says:

    you went hard as fuck at the end.

  23. mattafer0323 says:

    OK this is just plain sick!!!!!!!! Nothing else to it. Great shuffling man keep it up

  24. HardStyleIsMyStylee says:

    wow…awsome shuffle….”one day that window will brake because of me” hahaha…xD

  25. 2Crazyness1010 says:

    Are you guys like…. In a School? 0.0