A lot of people seem to be lagging on the timing. your feet hit the ground exactly on the bass.
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In this video, we look at how you can mix your Running Man, and T-Step, to make an effective and smooth looking dance combination. How to Shuffle: T-Step ---...
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25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle timing”

  1. Darkfox12 says:

    3 people are rigid like breadsticks and got no rhythm..

  2. joetheazl says:

    this is actually harder than i thought! I keep lagging behind the beat! I get it a few times on the bass but..UGH!!!

  3. XxXwiccho14XxX says:

    Never thot of it that wat thx

  4. UniqueYoshi says:

    not a whole lot i see XD

  5. crazenird says:

    sometimes when a couple is walking down the street in the happy mood zen bom

  6. molotow76 says:

    not tryin to be smart but i think its that ur probably closer to the speakers and sound travels faster to you than to them 🙂

  7. Nitronlol says:

    boom boom booom 😀 anyway this help me alot 🙂 thankz

  8. Nathaniel Thompson says:

    your showing rhythm through your body movements. show how u feel the music

  9. Melbshuffle102 says:

    ilove this vid can some one tell me how im doing



  10. cowcow276 says:

    yeah.. we all believe you…
    and what does that have to do with shuffling??

  11. username666ification says:

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  12. cowcow276 says:

    so you dont love him at all?

  13. username666ification says:

    i love you like i love my dick size

  14. RAVIN0139 says:

    thats why i love you that much more

  15. giovanni565 says:

    ive done it in converse to

  16. RAVIN0139 says:

    i love you just for doing it converse lol

  17. lmaoshaun says:

    Please comment, we need suggestions!

  18. corey12523 says:

    i know how to do it to the beat its so easy

  19. Very cool, nice tipps (all from you)! realy great tutorials!!!!  ;-D

  20. theSaminator1 says:

    2:13 ‘practice makes ferpect’

  21. frootEpebbles says:

    geez you’re really good

  22. I have like just opposite xD

  23. Yohan Thiam says:

    it takes so time to get the RM right can take couple month maybe ore depending on the person.

  24. Fucking laggers!

  25. angerfist187 says:

    same here, if i try to go too fast i 1 step