Learn how to do the melbourne shuffle. basics tutorial with t-step, running man, kicks & spins practise slowly first, without music, that's the best way to learn how to shuffle. Track: Black Ice (Club Mix) by Transit One Thanks to Track One Recordings for the music!!

FOR MY SUBSCRIBERS and VIEWERS: Next compilation, number 4, is coming out, when the following happens. Melbourne Shuffle Compilation #1- 1000000 Views Melbourne Shuffle Compilation #2- 100000 views Melbourne Shuffle Compilation #3- 75000 Views Club Trance Compilation- 100000 Views Trance Mixtape- 30000 Views BASS- 20000 views alot yea? lol well, for compilation 1, thats getting a few 1000 views a day so that one wont take long, the others will i guess ๐Ÿ˜€ might change depending how long it takes, note i havent actually made it yet, in the process, and help me guys, 10 minutes to long? is 7 minute compilation for number 4 enuf? tell me, pm, leave a message Tracklist- Reece- Empire (Ganjaguru cs Didjital) by The Bass Agents Francis- La Di Da (Dance Mix) by Baracuda Rocky- 8TH Wonder Of The World (J!XAW REMIX)- Karpe DM, 2- dark oscillators - nasty jungle (brenna heart remix) Kingpoo- Fireflash by Carnifex Maikool- Into Deep (A1 Rocco & Bass-T Remix) By Technoboy Sacco- Wicked Generation by Southstylers Jason- Warriors Of Love By Clubgroovers Danielz- Third Pleasure (Underbuck Remix)- Dave Joy Aaron- Tell Me When By Rocco & Bass-T pres. Canarias Mikkiz- Crazy- Dark By Design & Section 8 Tiny.Z- Sweet Dreams By DJ Shane Jericho-Crockett's Theme by Tunnel Allstars Feat. DJ Yanny William- Into Deep (PulseDriver Remix) By Technoboy Row- Get Wasted (Defqon 1 Anthem 2007) by Brennan Heart & JD X Tae- Ebony Angel (DJ Lee Remix)- Lisaya vs. Petersen Meets DK Deraven This is my ...
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  2. lookin740 says:

    whoa.. i cant believe how fucking lame that was.. i am from sydney and.. well.. whoa.. i have been doing this shit for about ten years (ps: im not joking) and just for fun.. i hope this vid is a joke..

  3. hsuper90 says:

    Hsuper90 how to shuffle dance MUST WATCH(X

  4. colt957 says:

    nice socks >.<

  5. m19doctor says:

    Hi miroslav123,

    really nice tutorial! Thx for that! Turning on all the time your video, when I learn it… I practice now just the basic steps… so both directions and some like 10 steps. I see in the video (when u r doing it fast, so after 1:32) – that u shuffle 3 times, and then switch… Question: have u learned it doing only 3 simple steps, or more? how much r u practicing (or how long did) the moves? (1-2 hours a day?)

  6. oh em gee ;o running man with kicks and spins mixed looks best to a dance beat haha if only i could do that now that would be fun but great vid! i liked the music to ๐Ÿ˜€

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  8. GuestSharbar1 says:

    NICE!!! WELL DONE!!! now… if I could only do that. XD

  9. thats cool as fuk bud…!

  10. AndroxineVortex says:

    im new to this, are there any other techniques you recomend me learning?

  11. eduardo13rocha says:

    Nice socks!

  12. DayWalker379 says:

    Sweet Thanks!!!

  13. animefun4me says:

    lol the running man look soo awesome!!

  14. ChiyoXNatsuki says:

    O: oohhh,… i see ๐Ÿ˜€
    the one we saw was all wrong..

  15. the most i now but some things i must say if never seen this but not bad i learn too shuffle but i think most vied’s. dosnt mack it slowley anoth and the cam at the ground mack that difficuld to learn ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. TheVituuh says:

    lixooh _|_

  17. sentboy2490 says:

    Awesome !

  18. waspjerk1 says:

    so the toe should always be behind the heel?

  19. fabrirebolation says:

    muito podre seu fdp _|_ :S

  20. grate vid

  21. @vSkankin2Ska nah i already learned how to shuffle. :/ maybe you need it more than i do mate.

  22. vSkankin2Ska says:

    @Skye606 would you like to borrow a little bit of my common sense?

  23. AK47extra says:

    i learn to dance buy watching this video every single day and now i can dance very well + watch more videos and + more stile + add new stile and make one big good dance thats all man

  24. breakpark22 says:

    -.- The shuffle sucks

  25. xXxAugretxXx says:

    nice socks

  26. ZippinShuffles says:

    Danielz baller

  27. RBPresents says:

    Nice shuffler, edit video and song..
    U must watch!



  28. whatswithyous says:

    @shuffler2castroDC. yeah hes my fav too. he just stands out from all the rest

  29. MrBubzLover says:

    song 4:32

  30. 94wehlchris says:

    youse guys are shit as, charlie doing the whyalla shuffle absolutely kills you wanna be gangstas and reece nice pants faggot, cunts fucked

  31. darkshuffler22 says:

    Reece the shit he the first guy

  32. darkshuffler22 says:

    @hardy3rd la di da

  33. TheElementsOfEmotion says:

    Francis is my favorite but what Maikool does before he dances is beast

  34. shuffler2castroDC says:

    the best shuffler for ever is TMS/Danielz nobody is more better what he -.-

  35. hardy3rd says:

    what is francis song?

  36. RBPresents says:

    Nice shuffle, watch tht amazing shuffler.. >< good edit and song! watch! /watch?v=_O6bgurd3FI /watch?v=_O6bgurd3FI /watch?v=_O6bgurd3FI

  37. FireFaith says:

    tae’s my favorite

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    what song is it called at 50 seconds

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    <======3 big dick lol

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    duuude!!! flippin awesooooooomesssss!!!!!! XDDDDD

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    Francis – My IDOL! <3

  43. darkshuffler22 says:

    francis raped all of you guys

  44. prescottme says:

    the dude in the subway this is to the rude guy that almost gets kicked i hope your non shuffling ass gets hit by the train

  45. 50caltoyourface says:

    jericho is the most unique, dunno if hes the best, but hes damn good and is very smooth and calculated. mikki, kingpoo and jericho are my favorites ๐Ÿ˜€

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  47. Hanif96boy says:

    Nice video..i like it =D

  48. condor419 says:

    What๏ปฟ Song is 6:00

  49. The article is so excellent!