my first tutorial explaining new gliding, leg motions,etc. to improve style. Trackilsting: Andre Visior-Skyline (funabashi club mix) Kamui- Dropshot

25 Responses to “melbourne shuffle tutorial (advanced) part 1”

  1. ixsupraxi says:

    i have the same element jacket

  2. JohnFabela says:

    Dude THANK YOU so much i been trying to find that moves name the x-glide hops and how to do it

  3. LilLooneyLuna says:

    this i just about the best shuffle tutorial i’ve seen on here

  4. brnsktingdieskting18 says:

    @DCPLAY800 more to come…just trying to invest in an hd cam.

  5. DCPLAY800 says:

    This is exactly what I needed!!!! ^^ Kudos my friend! 🙂

  6. rukianichigo4ever says:

    Thnks For Uploading It,Haha Learning New Moves Already ^-^

  7. would be the best video if you had a more footage of the side view and at a slower pace for some of the demo moves

  8. ikillumate says:

    i like ur style bruv

  9. silentnight306 says:

    i wanna learn how to glide…

  10. bbmisc420196 says:

    This is a great video for those who are past the beginner stuff, and want to progress. Thank you for the upload this is helping a lot.

  11. rubenjr100 says:

    I like doing the Lawnmower move while shuffling, xD

  12. mongo3v3r says:


  13. RoryDangerCox1 says:

    you my friend, are THE shit

  14. TheHekman18 says:

    lol i wonder how you can’t forget your acountname

  15. DarkTomasHD says:

    Thanks You much!!! I shuffle long time and i still need new tricks! you are veryy good,boy!

  16. kimobychoice says:

    @brnsktingdieskting18 youre very good 😀 i wanna blend some of youre moves in to my style cuz i need a breath of fresh air 😀 good toturial no doubt and very well explained too 😀 i love it <3

  17. CheetosWiitard says:

    Wow & i thought I was good at shuffline :
    guess I need to learn moves this your all I know is the running man, T-step & glide 🙁 oh well here goes *Starts Shuffling*

  18. @brnsktingdieskting18 

  19. Pretty clean stuff bro. This 10 min vid will be my tutorial for the next 10 months. Lol

  20. greystash101 says:

    Odd socks.

  21. halo3mapmkr says:

    Wow fck… Gunna try? :/

  22. there’s a reason why your video has so few views….its cuz of the wall.

  23. do u have any mala moves tutorial?

  24. Hey Dude What Part Of Colorado Do Yuh live At?

  25. 1EyeSack1 says:

    Your sacco kicking needs practice, you can also use your xhop to spin