TUTORIAL PART 2 - www.youtube.com --------------- SongList: 0:00 - 2:00 - Alexander Rybak Fairytale Digital Boys Dj Tom Cut Bootleg 2:00 - 5:53 - Naked Nation Boyzee New Story 5:54 - 8:37 - Dj j Sequence Wanted Sound (Baby Directz Remix) 8:37 - 10:10 - Dj Shumilin Roller Head Klaas Remix BONUS = 10:10 - 10:27 - Sons of Satan - make you rock ----------- primeira parte - 1° mas TUTORIAL by HADES teach you how to dance MALAYSIAN SHUFFLE ! [2010] [new] 🙂 msn: lucas_seiya@hotmail.com - SUBSCRIBE IN MY CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDS ! news tutorials in future 😉 wait... ;d
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25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Tutorial MAS – how to dance [BRA] PART 1 Malaysian Shuffle”

  1. ChunteE713 says:


  2. Google Translate 😀 for you guys @-@

    Mano tá mto massa *-* vlw ajudo d+ veei tava querendo muito aprender ! hehe
    RHS AleX

  3. zjgvvjg322 says:

    Dude why does everyone like wannabe Party Rock They suck at shuffling freaking Malaysian Shuffle is better invented in Cali

  4. AnythingButHuman says:

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  5. trentonexcavation says:

    im from Melbourne come at me bro

  6. FlawlessTruth says:

    from 6:55 i started loughing hard xDD the step he was trying to explain … beter looks in a fast motion , when he keeps repeating it with no continueing it looks like hes retaRd or smthing lol xD ( NO OFFENSE OFCOURSE ! ) But that shit made me laugh so much :DD  im in love with shuffle , and keep on shuffling all the time i can get to improve , your vid is one good thing i came across from thousands of other vids on the youtube 🙂 realy nice moves from MAS

  7. Transas5000 says:

    Gooood Tutorial…!!!!

  8. Darknimus says:

    wtf??thet’s some retarding shuffle o.O

  9. naynaysofly1031 says:

    THIS IS SO HARD !!!!!!

  10. NothingBetterToWatch says:

    I just learned how to malaysian runningman thanks dude! That shit is way more exercise than the melbourne! I’m fucking tired after 10 seconds man!

  11. sourkid90 says:

    that sucks sorry dude

  12. TheDslide says:

    @lucasvideomaker do you have naked nation boyzee New story as mp3 file ?

  13. XFCKENBASSX says:

    hmm crazy how shufflers dress in ur country;DD

  14. ChunteE713 says:


  15. hyldfullx3 says:

    não é que esteja ruim, mais num dá nem pra pegar uma base com isso ;;

  16. alexandremalako says:

    @igotaku ??

  17. @alexandremalako cara vai ser lixo assim la na xina
    q vidio tosco!


    E ai pessoa tudo bom sou thiago prazer vim aqui pra mostrar um estilo de dança diferente o (FREESTYLE 2.0 =estilo livre de dança) eu criei esse estilo e estou aqui pra mostrar pra vcs eu e meu grupo o [ MONSTERDANCEE ] CADA VEZ ESTAMOS MELHORANDO OS PASSOS PRA CRIAR UM ESTILO DIFERENTE DE DANÇA NA MUSICA ELETRONICA O FREESTYLE 2.0 VEJAM, OS VIDEOS E O QUE VCS ACHAM OBRIGADO… (Y) BY ;Ti cps MONSTERDANCEE….

  19. Shinigami259 says:


  20. toxic123ism says:

    English please

  21. MrAyala714 says:

    idk..more into KTD style
    those songs rnt rly like malbourne, more melbourne..nd a klaas track

  22. AnythingButHuman says:

    Check out where i teach some lil kids to shuffle LOL

  23. EsaClumsy909 says:

    Fuckk Mann iim Gettingg Madd Cuzz iiKantt Doo 2:15 Throughh 2:38 !!! butt iiKann doo Thaa Restt Wtf?!!!!!!!!! iiNeed Helpp !!!! iiMeann MOree HELP!!

  24. nice man thx. helped me out a lot

  25. WhatTheHeck430 says:

    can you post a tutorial in english? i can’t understand a single word. sorry…