new shuffle moves

25 Responses to “melbourne shuffle tutorial part 2 *NEW ADVANCED MOVES 2010”

  1. MrMetalwolf08 says:

    @kdaverish hardstyle is also good

  2. RoibenFoxtrot says:

    @kdaverish hardstyle

  3. JohnFabela says:

    @kdaverish depends what you like me I like dirty dutch house music I love the echo of the bass as it fades with everystep or hardstyle music but it all depends on your taste you can even shuffle to trance. also depends on which tempo you wanna shuffle at

  4. JohnFabela says:

    @JohnFabela never thought about adding the gliding effect to the spins

  5. JohnFabela says:

    wow very impressive spins and I thought I had my shit down thats some new level shit

  6. KatushaShortFilms says:

    I see that this was recorded with the highest quality of Idaho potatoe

  7. newbiecross says:

    this is everything that i need!!!

  8. recorded with 1080p potato? you just took 4:3 video and turned into 16:9… you should’ve kept original… i cant see a thing.

  9. i am jioning our GOT TALENT PROGRAM i need good moves 🙂

  10. ikillumate says:

    Yo, I’ve just gotten used to extreme spins, and im fairly decent at some normal glides, I LOVE this video and I thank you from the deepest part of my heart. Coz glides are all that give me trouble, but this looks perfect.

  11. dvolution74 says:

    @brnsktingdieskting18 ar these the songs?

  12. NinaTheLaughocolic says:

    omg! UR awesome thats JUST what i needed to step up ma shuffle routine!!!!! 1 love

  13. w4hns1nnn says:

    @kdaverish hardstyle,hardcore,minimal

  14. @kdaverish Hardstyle, Hardtrance, Electro, House, and Industrial. If you’re feeling particularly energized, you could try Hardcore.

  15. philthese985 says:

    you look like a munchkin with this lens xD

  16. @kdaverish headhunters!!!

  17. VVeMoveForward says:

    i have literaly seen this video five times, form 5 seperate searches throughout the course of a year and a half and i still dont understand the gliding spin… like at all.

  18. brnsktingdieskting18 says:

    @kdaverish hardtrance for me.

  19. Panda7795 says:

    what’s the song bro

  20. kdaverish says:

    I would like to know what music i should shuffle to?

  21. Zeldabo146676 says:

    Who knew midgets were such good shufflers ^_^

  22. RoryDangerCox1 says:

    @mongo3v3r hahaha

  23. well will start making holes in socks

  24. LegitShit91 says:

    the 3 dislikes and people that started to cry becuz they have an attention span of a fish

  25. djSwaqqblazT says:

    woww took me about an hour to do the spin good now i have to practice it fast :/