Melbourne Shuffle Tutorial - T Walk (T Step)

A tutorial Showing you guys (or girls) how to do a T walk (also known as T Step) By MCTV1000Dance with our promo guest shuffler TOXIC! Copyright all rights r...

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Tutorial – T Walk (T Step)”

  1. Morgan Coffey says:

    Dude seriously how old are you 10? 

  2. ps3jsmcjMIZ says:

    took you long enough to reply, wow, ten months

  3. Morgan Coffey says:

    Really man a yo mama joke???

  4. niko whitefang says:

    You failed at describing I dint learn anything

  5. javiergaleas1 says:

    great video

  6. Julio Norem says:

    by the way there is no such thing as the T – walk only the T- step

  7. sincara845 says:

    no thats you

  8. YourFavoriteeMartian says:

    I wanna learn thx

  9. TheElmexicano84 says:


  10. TheElmexicano84 says:


  11. kiara aburto says:

    stupid video don ‘t learn nothing

  12. Suscripe my channel royrios5 shuffle/ jerk

  13. ps3jsmcjMIZ says:

    i know yo mama knows the t step

  14. Killzhadowz says:

    G walk??? LOL :D

  15. Lola Bearr says:

    I’m learning to shuffle and I had trouble with the ‘T-Step’. I looked around and picked this video, and now I have my ‘T-Step’ down!:D

  16. RFSxICH3M1C4Lx says:

    he she it das S muss mit ! HAHAHA 😉

  17. RaveItWithEffect says:

    for some reason i cant do it with my left leg :/

  18. bubblegum8541 says:

    It sums u can’t even do it fast so I would not make enemy more viedio

  19. geovanni140 says:


  20. ultimateG6 says:

    i think g-walk is new !!!!! hahahaha

  21. LOL Voice changer!

  22. TheKansaiKing says:

    This is a homo version of the K-walk… T-walk .. (sigh)

  23. Christian Thomas says:

    i cant do it, any easier vids?


  25. Kyle Watson says:

    lots of help. thanks man 😛