Melbourne Shuffle Tutorial(Become pro in a little time)

how to melbourne shuffle. comment for help.
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hey guys im making a video to try and help people learn how to melbourne shuffle this video should show you how to do the running man if this tutorial helped...
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33 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Tutorial(Become pro in a little time)”

  1. Bryant Chang says:

    No problem!

  2. ODC/D4nielzzz says:

    ASIAN! Dude awesome, i swear thnx alot.

  3. kobe tsosie says:


  4. Bryant Chang says:

    Wow, thank you a lot for even thinking that! But truthfully, I was no where near moonboy.

  5. jaylan king says:

    your like moonboy bro

  6. minez craft says:

    well thanks man im getting better i can do more stuff but i just cant like glide and do the stuff continuously like pros

  7. Bryant Chang says:

    Hahah, just keep practicing, no video on youtube will ever show you how to hard shuffle, practice will.

  8. minez craft says:

    thanks for the place to find the pants but all the sizes are too big and if u seen the video pro shuffle i want to be like him i keep practicing but i still suck i doubt im ever gonna be like him i just want some one to make a video relly easy steps for the hard shuffle i cant find any tho but thanks any way

  9. Bryant Chang says:

    My mom made these pants for me. You will 100% get them soon, just practice. No one will be able to do it in 1 day, just keep practicing, you’ll love how you’ll turn out. If you’re in need for pants, I recommend Ghast pants. Search them up on ebay, just type ghast pants, it should be the first one.

  10. minez craft says:

    where did u get those pants and i still dont get how to do all that complicated stuff

  11. Shuan Wei says:

    Thanks man!

  12. bambelibu says:

    dont wear a phatty at tut^^

  13. Bryant Chang says:

    Does it have a cost?

  14. Antonio Olivastri says:

    u can always take it to an embroidery shop and have them sew it on for you

  15. Bryant Chang says:

    Thanks. I have reflective tape, but i don’t know how to put it on my pants

  16. Antonio Olivastri says:

    forgot to add, ur also a pretty good shuffler.

  17. Antonio Olivastri says:

    nice feet 🙂
    pants are pretty plain, but still look good. i think u should buy reclective tape and add some to your pants 😛 it will look killa!

  18. Bryant Chang says:

    I know right!

  19. Denis Barykin says:

    haha xd badest reverse running man ever xD but nice try…

  20. hardstylahtimmo says:

    well kno how u do ur normal running man, 2 steps back and all that right … well u do the complete opposite instead of going backwards u go forwards … just type in “reverse running man tutorial ” on youtube and you’ll see what i mean bro .

  21. Bryant Chang says:

    reallly? then how should i do it?

  22. hardstylahtimmo says:

    ur reverse running man is wrong … :/

  23. Johnathan Truong says:

    bryant y u do that

  24. D7Double7B says:

    lol barefoot on THIS floor ? 😀

  25. sorry for the long wait, i wear Tripp Pants, not Phat pants. ill upload a few more vid’s soon. ^^

    keep shufflin mate, gotta express how we feel somehow… what better way then shuffling? ♥

  26. plus if you READ the comments, i tryed to explain if you do it wrong you can HURT YOURSELF. so try not to see me as a screaming 40 year-old drunk and instead see that i CARE for how people feel.

    dont hurt yourself learning.. its the last thing you need when practicing.. so please, read my comments over one more time and see it from My point of view.. at least i dont want to see people Hurt.. over anything un-neccicary.

    like a dancing style.. keep it fun, not painful.

    jesus relax.. i didnt tell him not to make them, just to explain it right so people dont do it Wrong,
    and NO im not the shuffle police, im a shuffler myself, and i learned how in a week, had it smooth at three weeks.
    im sorry if it offended you, but frankly… welcome to hell.. :l
    just read the dates on the comments.. i was having a bad day when i made the comments.. and well.. it got sorted out a while ago..

  28. 2nite2good says:

    who the fuck are you to tell him not to make a shuffle guide,are you the melbourne police?if eh wants to make a tutorial,then that’s his god damn right.

  29. i concentraded on making mine Smooth not Hard, and it flow’s pretty easy now~
    and they’re Tripp pants, im going to get some phat’s later on, not too worried about that.

  30. i like your vids you shuffle cool dude it took me like 3 months to learn to shuffle the right way but question are you wearing tripp pants or phats i cant really figure out which ones they are

  31. im talking about your legs mate, keep em alittle bent so you have enough bounce for the next step, you can see how i do it in my vid’s and if you cant ill change pants for next vid~ your good. ill give you props, but i learned how in a month and a week
    how to do it fast, and i mean, check otu my vid’s and frend up if you want, i like your style and hope you’ll watch my vid

  32. sure thing dude i was just tryin to help….. when yu said “your legs dont stay straight” were you talkin about mine our anyones and last im not trying to disguise my voice thats my real voice lol

  33. why try to disguise your voice, one, two, why tell them how to not do it instead tell them how to do it right.. :/
    Bad Tut mate, leave it to the older shuffler’s
    Mistakes, its a hop not a slide.. two your lefs dont stay straight, you can hurt /strain your legs by doing it..
    spend more time shuffling and get it down fast, have Fun with it more than trying to teach, leave teaching for a lateron- thing alright? 😛