OFFICIAL AFTERMOVIE Melbourne Shuffle Vs C walk @ Antwerp Groenplaats,Belgium Date:30/062010 start: 13.00 h to 14.00 h end: 17.00 h Place Of Start: Central Station Antwerp shufflers(not in order): soonz,hiryu,sektorr,sammbo,freeZzZ(joey),kenneth,cravvel,dirtyblast,pingu,ben,lady E,daz,dhaeyer,Elodie,Dowminator,Nikki,Traxxtar,cedric,JVC,Shuffzorz,Vortex,Greggyy,Joti,_Vman,Sh.Oy,EnYx,Shadow,Vinnie All Members of The Belgium Shuffle Comunity UNRESTRICTED.BE // i Don't know the name of the walkers EDIT BY freeZzZ

japan rockers 2 BDG studio edit enjoy^^
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39 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Vs C walk 30/06/2010 Official Aftermovie”

  1. redlinerumble3 says:


  2. akarunescape says:

    oh forgot hand movemnts……c walkers just let them dangle like a noodle arm

  3. akarunescape says:

    they have a hat on dumb f**k they touch it and spin it to create illusions..obviously u dont kno ur dances..i kno that c walk came from jerking its just going side to side rlly fast….jerking jut fing sukcs cuz ur walking…and yet ur staying still.stfu c walker shuffle win hands down cuz. it has illusions.defying gravity.stomping.kicking.spinning.shuffling.sliding.and many the clothes shuffler wear has reflectors suspenders..phants r used for not showing the creat illusions

  4. TheBadVictory says:

    ima shuffle c walker i love that..

  5. Andyy01chelseafc says:

    why the fuck the do shufflers always touch their head it looks so fucking gay

  6. haha good coz those cwalkers faileeeddd big time :P, like the shuffle btw nice stuff 😀

  7. @CwalkBeTcH

    i’m not a c walker don’t care about it 😉 i’m one of the shufflers

  8. LOL never wear shorts and cwalk dude (Y) :L fail cwalkers btw :D, check out my vids 😛

  9. boardingballer1337 says:

    nice shuffle

  10. C Walk is mad and so is the Shuffle….love em’

  11. Nice lads!

    Thanks for putting footwork of me and my sis in. 🙂


  12. @ShuffleRules666

    haha thx 😀

  13. ShuffleRules666 says:

    Joey die vid is egt nice gemaakt! 😀
    (y) + favorites!

  14. My Birthday!!!
    Nice video!!!

  15. Good job guys, really nice look.


  16. LetTheBeatFlow says:

    @j0mp4m4n malaysian

  17. HardyDevoNeldz says:

    i saw a fake bass agent hoodie ^^

  18. check this filipino kid



  19. Awesome! Much love from Sydney! I’m going to Tokyo in december.. Can someone tell me which clubs play good trance/hardstyle/hard house/and or electro? I heard ropongi was the place to be but don’t which clubs! Would love to rock with japanese shufflers wen I’m there!!!!

  20. great job go japan shufflers!!

  21. great shuffling… i just wish the track was more fun…

  22. theGEEandGEE says:


  23. loved guy at 2:15

    check out my channel

  24. Nice =) I like +5

  25. Hey wat is the name of the intro song?

  26. theosthebest says:

    @shadowdeomon its called melbourne shuffle cuz it originated in melbourne, not cuz they are the “best”

    the its a dance u just move the way u want to the music, the “best” is subjective

  27. The art of dance is not to create a territorial stance it is to show expresion and unity each having a individual input to its out come and its forever evolment to wherever it will be in the future. I dont dance to compete i dance to express no matter where i am or where i come from so just dance how and when and where you like ……… peace ….. to …..all

  28. looks like china tho. at some point. but its japan right? pretty good some of them!

    SDF// Ninrai

  29. altezzadrifter07 says:

    lol epic intro

  30. Respect for all Countries!
    Hardstyle Nation = Every Nation Joined Together SHUFFLE!!!!!!!

  31. xHardStyL3x says:

    smooth shufflin. not all jerky and shit

  32. crazyazn171 says:


  33. Very Good Video 😀
    5/5*+Fav 😛


  34. shadowdeomon says:

    Jap shufflers are alright but it’s called the Melbourne shuffle for a reason cos ppl in Australia have the best shufflers

  35. Syapiktrance says: asian too..but…brazil also have the best shuffler…

  36. Actually. Asian people is the best shufflers 😛

  37. HiroTBchannel says:

    lol go japan shufflers

  38. very nice vid 😀

  39. how can i download this song?