Sorry for the long as wait. I've been busy lately. 2005. Part 6 of 7 Jack60k. Subscribe. Underground Epidemic Productions ( has produced a ground breaking documentary called the Melbourne Shuffler. Beginning in the late 80s in Melbournes underground party scene, a revolutionary freestyle dance began to grow and has now developed into the most unique and robust dance style since the birth of Breakdancing. Initially grown from the roots of Acid Techno/House music along with back stepping and psychedelic arm movements. The Melbourne Shuffle has no set steps but encourages individuality and imagination, incorporating dance moves from numerous styles such as miming, popping & locking, liquid and breaking. But the basis of the Melbourne Shuffle has traditionally been the footwork either performed sliding left to right, on the spot or in a triangular direction, but is evolving everyday. Known as Rocking to the Melbourne locals the name Melbourne Shuffle has been derived from international DJs, overseas visitors and the media trying to describe this phenomenon. The Melbourne dancers dont dance for competition or to show off but for themselves, for fun and self-expression. Learning by watching other dancers and incorporating variations into their own style they create an individual style representing their own personality. The documentary traces some of the early beginnings of the Shuffle and shows how it has evolved and progressed into what it is today. Interviews ...

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  1. alaphonse331 says:

    Wow these poeple seem stoned.

  2. animej2003 says:

    @jack60k how can you no like this! Haah its mostl cause I’ve been in the rave scene and shuffle community for 3 yrs goin on 4 and all it says is the truth about both…all the things I try and telll the newbies so they know what its about but they think that they know it all and say fuck it so why bother even trying to tell someone who won’t listen.

  3. @animej2003 glad you liked it.

  4. animej2003 says:

    Loved this Doc. Haha I’m a shuffler and I won’t stop :).

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  6. tonym9428 says:

    A lot of hardstyle and trance ravers are white….in house and drum n bass, it’s much more diverse because it’s so influenced by other genres (soul, jazz, disco, hip hop, etc)

  7. tonym9428 says:

    A lot of hardstyle and trace ravers are white….in house and drum n bass, it’s much more diverse because it’s so influenced by other genres (soul, jazz, disco, hip hop, etc)

  8. DanielOhNo says:

    Good advices and comments :D Thanks for the upload

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  10. xBitterEndx says:

    whats the track in the background which starts at ~ 1:00

  11. BonnieBlueFlag1314 says:

    Wow Nick Compound hit the nail right on the head!!

  12. RubioRaver says:

    The EDM scene is amaing all over the world =3

  13. What did Leeroy Thornhill said? These 4 points…
    I didn’t understand his words :/

  14. fuckliao says:

    dance community + drug community + dance community = rave community hahahahahahaa

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    Omg thanks

  16. Yeah!! thanks a lot!! 😀

  17. yeah you will be! 🙂

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    thanks man awsome!

  19. Part 5 will be uploaded tommorow. Sorry.

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    Thanks for uploading this!

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    part 5?

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    thx for this jack!