A Melbourne Shuffle Compilation of an old rocker called Doz. I hope you enjoy a footage like this, because is an awesome example of how the true Melbourne Shuffle is. Comunidad española de Melbourne Shuffle: www.SHFL.tk Participa en nuestro foro: www.ShuffleSpain.TK
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8 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffler Doz Compilation”

  1. This is how REAL Shuffle looks like!!

  2. ShuffleSpain says:

    @PartyNightBoxing NFX – No Go, Go For Launch

  3. PartyNightBoxing says:

    whats this song?

  4. 001satellite says:

    doz was the best…always will remain the best

  5. bencross24071 says:

    i miss doz sooo much lol <3 nikkaveli xx

  6. this guy has some sick hat tricks 😀

  7. rambonetor44 says:

    can you made a tutorial for the hat tricks?

  8. Where in the world are you now Doz? I remeber our early days at Bubble