Melbourne shuffle ROCKS !!!!
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Sydney Shuffle Meetup on the 11th of October 2008. Just some Short Footage. Will Add song list if asked for.

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  1. brodieboy01 says:

    choon! sub my channel cod videos………

  2. @markomavrinaclp first song is 2 min into the song of colours of the harder style, there is alot more to this song before this part lol πŸ˜›

  3. odirlei123pain says:



  4. TheGreatAcePilot says:


  5. TheAngelfromdarkness says:

    Super ! (Y)

  6. markomavrinaclp says:

    @ccshufflers They asked what song it is O.o

  7. ccshufflers says:

    @markomavrinaclp its the only fuckin song

  8. 122jay122 says:

    Shuffle up a fuckin storm!!
    PHD Is a mad place to get shit faced!

  9. but people have made it into a team… somewhat a sign for their team…
    in Malaysia theres a PHD in HR.
    same in Australia i beleive…

  10. lady gaga – Bad romance.
    u can shuffle to that song!

  11. If you guys never realized.. PHD means Pure Hard Dance – which is a club in Australia. It isnt like a symbol that represents Melbourne Shuffle or Hardstyle…

  12. shiineshettkatt says:


  13. SDAxALLxDAY says:

    i know, right?!

  14. steven2035 says:

    wats with the cut put a 2:00

  15. steven2035 says:

    no its colours of the hardstyle actually

  16. xstr33tr4cerx says:

    yah but hardstyle sounds sooooooo good

  17. markomavrinaclp says:

    First song is Showtek – COLORS OF THE HARDER STYLE

  18. Meed showtek :p

  19. Dont you know that there’s more music than Hardstyle that you can shuffle to?

  20. Melbshuffle rocks!!!!!!

  21. theflood3065 says:

    thats great

  22. MilanDaSupasta says:

    colers of hard style rulz πŸ˜€ (Y)

  23. hardstyle = pro
    melbourne = gay

    ty plz come again…

  24. yeah melbourne shuffle!!!

    Jupavi from Mexico

  25. LifeStartsWithBass says:

    Den Hedder “Colors Of The Harder Style” !, xD

  26. madirishman01 says:

    The asian guy at the start was pretty mad, cracker wee tune at the end,Is this shit legal do cops ever come up and ask what youse are doing?

  27. ur not a proper shuffeler unless u have ohat pants!

  28. meneerkakhoofd says:

    this is fucking weird,, why such pants 8-|

  29. PoMzTuNeZ says:

    Whats the second song? liked

  30. JLHGaming says:


  31. mcdonalds 100 m ->

  32. shadowindadark says:


  33. tad gay

  34. SiCDRuMmA says:

    1:40-2:35 looked like a bunch of retards spinning and shit.

  35. agentevirus says:

    one blade – blademasterz, i guess…

  36. berkan332 says:

    song list plzz

  37. add songlist hahaha

  38. maltaman1997 says:

    3rd song?

  39. locoWOWplaya says:

    @EddyCantShuffle lol

  40. lotraussie says:

    dude, I realize this is a old video, but what are the song names?

  41. aussiechaos says:

    fucking faggs lol sydney sux melb is the best

  42. What the fuck are u people doing? Thats so gay.U should go 2 mardi gras.

  43. bellausa11 says:

    hey jw what station were you at in the beginning, i dont reconise it

  44. i loved this vid tbh , dont care how long ago it was (:


  45. TheMgpNitro says:

    3rd shuffler i want your pants, ive seen them and they look awsome. where do you get them?

  46. sOnGLisT pLeAsE……NicE ViD+sOnG

  47. TheAbodiginal says:

    wat are the songz from 41 – 58 and 1:20 – 1:35 plz?? sikk vid btw..theyre all awesomee!!

  48. EddyCantShuffle says:

    @SmartHardstyle do you think i give a shit about a vid i uploaded 2 years ago?

    go bakc to your useless life fag

  49. SmartHardstyle says:

    you fucked the sync dickhead

  50. SKIPPYoooFoundation says:

    the 1st guy.