Mikki Is My Fav Shuffler Of All Time Lol So I Made This ..::Song List In Order::.. 1. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Ride With Uz 2. Donkey Rollers - Hardstyle Rockers 3. DJ Gius - V Like Venusian (Bass Ball Mix) 4. tuneboy - sexbusters 5. Technoboy - Guns 'n' Noses (Technoboy's Supa Bass Mix) 6. Tune - 2 playaz 7. Showtek - Rockin' Steady (100% Deepack Mix) 8. KAT - Gimme da bass(alusion mix)
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26 Responses to “!- Mikki -![ Shuffle Compilation ]”

  1. 46 persons are out of their mind!

  2. One800Masonite says:

    check out my shuffling vid (THS shuffling compilation)

  3. SuperKiNGshuffle says:

    check out my shuffle videos and tell me what u think

  4. 2MuchStyleZ says:

    @typhoonshuffle answer what lol?

  5. awesome7513 says:

    You say Lady Gaga, I say Sarah Maria

    You say Hannah Montana, I say Showtek.

    You say Owl City, I say Noisecontrollers.

    You say Jonas Brothers, I say Zany.

    You say Justin Bieber, I say Brennan Heart.

    You say Taylor Swift, I say D-Block & S-te-fan.

    80% of teens these days listen to the same crap over and over again. If you’re one of the 20% who listens to real music, thumb this up, then copy and paste it to at least other 5 videos. Don’t let the spirit of Hardstyle die!

  6. martijnvkk says:

    Give my your leggs!

  7. martijnvkk says:

    He does the running man very good

  8. typhoonshuffle says:


  9. Kalamedeath says:

    1: jinjin
    2: t1m
    3: drainzor
    check this shufflers =P

  10. HaRdStYlEAnDCoD7 says:

    Thumbs up if these r ur fav shufflers
    1: Sicky
    2: Mikki

  11. summerzarco says:

    thumbs up ….. nice move mikki x

  12. thekkinkproject says:

    1:02 i want his fucking hoodie

  13. trummandekallee says:

    mikki is still shuffling

  14. XxLilMikexX80 says:

    @ikerMW2 what happen to mikki?

  15. wunnrez217 says:

    @qwerty666hf lol nd tru

  16. mikki is god.

  17. 19pinaangel says:

    is he wearing heelys at 0:19 ?? lol

  18. qwerty666hf says:

    46 people cant dance

  19. typhoonshuffle says:

    Shuffle LEGEND !

  20. i see tht mikki has atleast 3 differnt styles of shuffling tht i noticed haha

  21. omgmyuserwasdisabled says:

    second and third clip is when he started.

  22. BatterySonic says:

    This is what shuffle was meant to be not that hip hop crap people do 2day

  23. 46 guys were so drunk that they pushed the thumbs down by accident. Lets not be mad at them.

  24. MegaShuffleBaby says:


  25. NarukoONate says:

    mikki , thats my name and i love mikki too <333

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