The song used in the video is tha same played in Tezka MOS when Mikki shufflin. ------------------------- Dj Zany - Freakz ------------------------- cya
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25 Responses to “Mikki shuffling at MOS ! ( Old Stuff )”

  1. spearofdestinyfanboy says:

    He has the best shuffling style ever, i believe. Also see how much control he has, he makes shuffling look so easy.

  2. whats up with mikkiz hands movemnets 

  3. xoraxera says:

    Lool i love mikki <3 he is my inspiration since 2009

  4. MrShuffleRocks says:

    lol I Love his hair style

  5. KidJorqee says:

    Look At His Hans at 0:46

  6. Shuffling69Israeli says:

    * at 0:54

  7. Shuffling69Israeli says:

    the spin at 1:47 is great!!!

  8. bradXshuffle says:


  9. Excarituds says:

    lol shuffling conga line

  10. 6XxAndy13xX12 says:

    lmao shuffle shopping “hmmm which shirt should i pick out? I’ll get back to that in a few seconds.”

  11. iXhermitXi says:

    did you read the title its about Mikki 😛

  12. GetThisSeeThis says:

    Did you guys notice the camera was just focused on Mikki (;

  13. MrJasonGwapo says:

    how did they do that? the sliding thingy… wow

  14. raversfanticy2011 says:

    does enny one know if thiers MOS shops in Perth Aus if they do pleaz tell me

  15. Whhat is and where is this “Tezka MOS” place..?

  16. uNkNoWnEdTuBeR says:

    This is HSK mikki. That’s it. I don’t wanna repeat for retards.

  17. chriztiibabii says: Must watch! 🙂

  18. bradXshuffle says:

    its him alright…..

  19. mymomlovesme555 says:

    he is dude, go to his channel and you shall see

  20. CDayWalkerC says:

    What did I fail at? The guy in the vid is HSK mikki. IHK Thunderz is not mikki.

  21. mymomlovesme555 says:


  22. CDayWalkerC says:

    Yeah thats what I said 🙂

  23. CDayWalkerC says:

    Yeah thats what I said 🙂

  24. 6XxAndy13xX12 says:

    i mean he is. xD

  25. 6XxAndy13xX12 says:

    i mean he is. xD