!!!!!!ATTENTION! READ!!!!!! Before i show you the description I want to let you know that this IS the real Mikkiz and it was one of his first videos so you can see that he doesn't have the same moves as now. Is well Please sub to my new channel called AQWMaulss www.youtube.com I quit AQW...
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23 Responses to “Mikkiz shuffle”

  1. devinr88 says:

    song name?

  2. NisseROCKZ says:

    All HSK fans, you can now join the HSK Fansite on Facebook! Go go go! xD

  3. SextacyLION says:

    Who’s the phony Mikki?

  4. yonne1104 says:

    This is Mikki alright. Damn sure. You can tell but the smoothness even when he was less experienced he just became greater over time but this is him
    Ive seen the phony and though he stole the moves he COULD NOT still the smotth 🙂 the way Mikki makes it look so easy and effortless as if hes gliding instead of shuffling or jumping. NO ONE can copy that much. That phony Mikki is a fail up and down

  5. bibbenxd says:

    I wish you could show us how you shuffle now!

  6. Ramonsayron says:

    Another copy of the famous Mikki HSK, this is already turning craze!
    Sayron HDA/BM/HR

  7. PinoyShuffle says:

    Hey Sacco, when are you gonna start shuffling again?! You and Mikkiz are like the gods of shuffling xD!

  8. When did he start shuffling anyways?

  9. NarukoONate says:

    i would really love to know the song name please , thanks in advance 

  10. WarBandiT2020 says:

    i love this song *.* perfect

  11. SouthWestShuffler says:

    Just goes to show that everybody has to start somewhere

  12. risk1710 says:

    This is the real mikkiz.. its a old video when he first started a lot time ago =) he deleted it off his account

  13. TriesToShuffle says:

    That’s not the real Mikki. MikkiZHskDK is from Denmark and just copied Mikki’s hairstyle.

  14. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    I am a shuffler. Check my channel! 🙂

  15. MultiShultz says:

    im friends with him… his account is MikkiZHskDK 

  16. pr0phyz says:

    I likee the video =)

  17. AgillityTraick says:

    you said you where from the same place as mikki then you should have no problems in telling me where are you from ? 🙂

  18. this is mikki he was shuffling with hsk daniel in it too. i mean it looks just like mikkis hair and all why are people thinking it is not the real mikki

  19. MrShuffleRocks says:

    no he changed to MikkizHskDk

  20. MrShuffleRocks says:

    Must have been a beginner shuffler back then but then he still looks preety good

  21. TheTOPProductions says:

    Ehhhhh… xD If he doesn’t wear his HSK hoodie it doesn’t mean it’s not Mikkiz xD And yeah look at the comments, Fake-Francis.

  22. TheTOPProductions says:

    Mikkiizz or something like that.

  23. 84941gilde says:

    what is mikki’s acount name?i would like to chat with him