1st-[C]onne[X]ion Agents 2nd-[н]ard[s]tyle[я]aver-BeyonD ThE LimiT 3th-[H]ard[S]tyle[D]evil and other shuffler team
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25 Responses to “miri shuffle competition 2008”

  1. TheMaskedDuck says:

    I’d have to say most of these guys are mediocre at best.
    I guess it hard to choreograph anything more than just running man, running man and running man.

  2. albert13h says:

    You guys were so cool

  3. Kalamedeath says:

    sacco own them all a lot

  4. ForenziikUK says:

    2nd Song: Southstylerz – Pounding Senses (Zany Overdrive Mix)

    4th Song: Dark Oscillators – Superstar DJ

    6th Song: Ganjaguru – Overload

    7th Song: Southstylerz – Pounding Senses (Showtek’s FTS Qlimax 2006 Remix)

  5. ItsBretter says:

    search youtube and record with audacity

  6. K1z2a3m4a5 says:

    oh i see..
    thank you very much..


  7. nightspaide says:

    yeah i don’t really know i think there’s a site called file share or something and that’s pretty good but i use imesh that’s virus free but you have to download the browser.

  8. K1z2a3m4a5 says:

    urm where can i download the song?
    coz limewire’s are all viruses..

  9. nightspaide says:

    hey if you still want overload it’s
    ganjaguru – overload

  10. xXAJHernandezXx says:

    noob stuff shuffle is not dance go die sucker sobs

  11. K1z2a3m4a5 says:

    where can i get the songs?
    i cant find them anywhere,, and limewire are all viruses!!


  12. so noob!!! lah hahaha…..DX

  13. hardstylesociety1 says:

    7th.Expansion (DJ Ghost Remix)- Walt and Feliz

  14. overload – ganjaguru

  15. drommells says:

    all songs from 00: till 9:40
    2nd:showtek-colours of the harder style
    3th:southstylers-pounding senses
    4th:dj klonez-my story
    5th:dark oscillators-superstar dj
    6th:bass agents-black winter
    7th:idk ==> This is the sound of overload
    8th:southstylers-pounding senses (again)
    9th:blademasterz-one blade
    10th-axel coon-lamenting city

  16. kyle523523 says:

    awesome man although i only know two moves well i dunno how u guys learn but i can pls give a source

  17. redichigo93 says:

    where 2 download all this song???


  19. miri shuffle comp? i tink it shud be called :
    Worst Shuffle Meetup

  20. whiteheavynne says:

    And the guy at 7.24 what the fcuk are they doing..the poss that the guy in white T’s was doing is making me feel like I wanna puke

  21. whiteheavynne says:

    at Min 6:00 the team that was permoning is all a bunch of sticks..they should at least wear a jacket or something…sickening

  22. WatS0funnY says:

    i luv techno songz

  23. watch my first video comment and rate!!!1

  24. WhiteJewDevil says:

    hell yeah 🙂

  25. Krusadahz says:

    7: Expansion (DJ Ghost Remix)- Walt and Feliz