1st time miri shuffle competition 2008, hardstyle and melbourne shuffle at packson, shuffle in groups [C]onne[X]ion Agents

25 Responses to “Miri Shuffle Competition at packson 02-03-2008 [C]onne[X]ion”

  1. dangerous514 says:

    u guys are so fucking gay ass fuck i think that even a baby can do that

  2. SumthinOriginul says:

    da da da da

  3. DanielSonWSP says:

    Thats so gay, just pull some sick free style and float around..

  4. dzaharuddin says:


  5. xsyrenn says:

    This is a very very good routine. Probably one of the best I’ve seen on YouTube so far. I’d say it even trumps some of the professional sponsored competition routines. Great job, guys.

  6. fishboard123 says:

    well shuffle is gay when doing it in groups….and all that was, was the running man…i can do better…eve watch my vid..ive been shuffling for ’bout 2 weeks

  7. 55mikeymike says:

    all these guys do in rm

  8. ThePhilFony says:

    even i can shuffle better

  9. Hardstyler63 says:

    the colours of the harder styles

  10. ilovemydoginaction says:

    how to get the song combine?

  11. Itachi34ful says:

    What With The Ta na na???

  12. sasha00900 says:

    not good but not bad either, but what the hey!


  13. HsFDowney says:

    all they did was running man…. weak

  14. aznmans says:

    idk but im guessing one of them is by showtek

  15. aznmans says:

    i agree, melbourne shuffling is a freestyle thing i think

  16. mctlumic says:

    Playlist please, thanks =)

  17. simfonee says:

    choreographed shuffling = fail. sorry.

  18. jasonward1987 says:

    wow all i can say is woo that was awesome

  19. ZechtKiNg says:

    can tell me wat that all song name..
    i really need…

  20. good team coordination/work.

  21. missbabii7 says:

    how can they remeba all dat…these guys were da best there insink

  22. 1994kamis says:


  23. Em0killer13 says:

    Donkey Rollers – No One Can Stop Us (Showtek Kwartjes Remix)

  24. vietguy4 says:


  25. eiceeonnlitamtam says:

    Donkey rollers – no one can stop us