This is Bass EviL in Miri sarawak parkson compeittion... competition member : 1) Ah Long - leader 2) Ah Chai 3) Lewis 4) Daniel In shuffle dance competition use it song : 1) Hunter - The Beauty and The Beat 2) Showtek - We live the mucis 3) Dj Zany - Widowmaker Thank For watching the video...and don forget comment o...=D
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “Miri shuffle Competiton open 09 – (Bass EviL)”

  1. faizul150394 says:

    0:48 LOL

  2. blackfoxofevil says:

    =D Probably one of the best group shuffle video that I’ve seen so far. =^.^= Nice timing and keeping up a steady pace through it. 4/5 =D

    Dance to Express not to impress!

  3. diukaolei says:

    My vid >>> /watch?v=hVCYZJ_EDpQ

  4. bennyling95 says:

    owh yo…Thx…=D

  5. diukaolei says:

    Gray Phatts de most pro.. Others also pro^^
    Nice teamwork and shuffling..
    Keep it up^^

  6. szechong123 says:

    wt is the song name start from 0:35???~
    cn tell mi~i like this songs~XD

  7. yongahlong says:


  8. bennyling95 says:


  9. szechong123 says:

    yaw~nice job~
    i see live b.e. performance at packson tat day~vry cool~n ah long dance so nice^^~i like ur style~xixi~
    +u+u bassevil~
    ~keep it up~
    ~and keep rocking in sarawak~

  10. hardstylegalxxx says:

    erm…jia you..==

  11. Ky0suke18 says:

    wht is the 2nd song a? got ‘dj list de’ ??

  12. bennyling95 says:

    erm….u mean before at al-fresco there one???

  13. kirayamato9333 says:

    ok ok la… keep it up

  14. AdamInspiration says:

    u guys gt into finals???

  15. bennyling95 says:

    yap..all so very jin zhang…==

  16. yongahlong says:

    walau…many miss leh…==

  17. CutePlushie6323 says: