Lots of private msgs about moving around while shuffling. well here you are. 😀
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Jay bee rocka hardstyler
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50 Responses to “Moving side-to-side basics”

  1. xnickx857 says:

    so for side to side running man, do you still do two slides when your crossing over and stuff? or is it one slide?

  2. dark134679 says:

    Youre the best man. Those videos are really helpful:)

  3. joeofthefall says:

    thank u very much, this lesson help me a lot with side to side movements 😉

  4. bySeyton says:

    Very nice yours videos, I’m praticing (my inglish is bad).

  5. realkiker says:

    hey man, i really appreciate all the help you have been giving. i pretty much just started to learn and have the basics of the shuffle and the running man. kinda finding it hard to keep balance though.
    One question. What type of shoes are recommended? for shuffling?
    Thanks Again.

  6. gearjulio101 says:

    thanks that helped me a lot because he didn’t know how to roll with the running man thank you very much

  7. neoinuyashafight says:

    so far this is the hardest part

  8. epic 10 seonds at begining
    ok shut up LOL

  9. Lol “err Smoke… “

  10. Bommer129 says:

    @Linkgt Lol that’s nothing hardstep is being called “electro shuffle” now.

  11. @Bommer129

    I know you didnt make it up, i’m saying the term in general is fucking retarded because no matter how a person shuffles (either it be technical and awesome like bigmilan or just running man all day like the kids here in youtube) the term “hardstyle” should’nt even be involved because it’s a damn music genre. It should just be called noob shuffle or something because in the end it’s still the melbourne shuffle just modified. jesus….

  12. Bommer129 says:

    @Linkgt I didn’t come up with the term, just youtube “Hardstyler” and you will see exactly what I am talking about, I’m personally all about old skool.

  13. @Bommer129

    Thats such a bad term though. Harstyle is a type of music genre and the way some people do the “melbourne shuffle” should have nothing to do with it. *sigh*

  14. Bommer129 says:

    @Linkgt Nope Hardstylers refers to kids on youtubes who stomp their feet with the running man spam like every carbon copy kid on youtube.

  15. @Bommer129

    that comment didn’t even make sense *_* hardstyler?? *sigh* hope after a year you made this comment, you realize what you wrote here was dumb

  16. lVestigel says:

    do you smoke? D:

  17. thatasiankid45 says:

    people in the cars are like WTF!!!!!!

  18. johann8808 says:

    lol this is very fun :D! ya i had this down before watching the vid becuz i figured out different ways of moving around that would still go with the shuffle.

  19. blueatti says:

    thank you for these tutorials

  20. I agree that this isn’t necessarily a hard step, I think people are just asking to see what it looks like so that they have something to reference. I’m a beginner myself and it helped, thanks!

  21. SudoMade says:

    i find the running man tricky myself only cause I have just been shuffling, which I learned from playing hacky sack using minimal stalls. I know dancing is very subjective but I have almost no idea as to what is a good fundamental for the running man. If anyone has some recommendations drop us a line please! cheers

  22. DALIAAAAAAAA says:

    Thats easy :/

  23. haha, i have the same problem:P

  24. jacobhouser says:

    yeah same here, well not impossible, but harder.

  25. blackbolt66a says:

    i got this down on my first try

  26. Jolicious88 says:

    Ayiiiiin roxs la…
    Pahal aku nie?

  27. the5soda says:

    ayie??..tgk mke je baek…

    x pe prgi cm hntu..!!..ko ingat..ko th bgs sgt kehhh..nk kimak kn owg..!!fuck you ar anjing!!

  28. AkuBudakJB says:

    bgus r tu…
    oneday klu shufledance da xpopular,,
    jgn poyo plak nk tukar activity cam dak gothik mlysia ni….igt aku xtw dak gothik skrg da msok shuffle…wktu gothik popular,,sumank gothik,,pastu bila da kureng,,msok shuffle plek…ala,,aku da hafalla…

  29. Mushisachi says:

    showtek – early soundz

  30. yamahardstyle says:

    kamo ni..
    hard dok..

  31. gilEwOvEr says:


    npe ko nie?

  32. ayienJBROCKA says:

    mmposh r muke kau….

  33. zairiishah says:

    mampos arr ko kimak!!!!! pantat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. kito2020 says:

    TO AYIN….tajuk lagu nie pe???

  35. yaNakata says:

    eh,look familiar lah.hee 😛

  36. gileacai says:

    g mampos muka kao..!!

  37. adeqpurple says:

    poyo aa kowg cume
    cm yeye gile

  38. ayepkechik says:

    nice vid pok.
    come on la jb rocka.!

  39. oldskewl93 says:

    jb rocka rock……

  40. ko lagi poyo amek vid orang..bodos..

  41. beeHARDSTYLE says:

    baik lh ko…(fir)

  42. ayin!!ape tajuk lagu nie..???^.^

  43. HUHu…shuffle pon nk pkai samping…pe ar…POYO siot…wakaka

  44. style pon cam abang die jek XD
    this is jz sick!

  45. psychossai says:

    bagos ah guosen edit

  46. Vampirez007 says:

    nice edit bro!!

  47. chiefJBR says:

    pergh…baik la pok…

    nice edit….

  48. taddybubu says:

    ni bilik sapel korg adik beradik ek..

  49. Yumika07 says:

    hulawak ayin bile nak apyung aku makan ni lepas comp? kkekekekek

  50. anuagile says:

    check it out!!!!min 3:41


    nordin pkai smping n singlet jek shuffle..

    bkan ko an..