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24 Responses to “Muck Around After Meet Up 2 [FK YEAH BUBBLE]”

  1. czdproductions09 says:

    anyone know what song they shuffle to ?

  2. MrShuffleRocks says:

    Any1 know how tall mikki is in this video ?

  3. melb7912 says:

    Mikki student??


    You know, it’s kinda nice to see the other side of Mikki, considering most of what we’ve seen of him is just the embodiement of a Shuffle God, a lone dancer that digitized himself to gain immortality.


    I’m going to guess around 12 years old.

  6. MrShuffleRocks says:

    Anyone know how old is he in this video ?

  7. ilovepurplemorthanu says:

    i can never see mikkiz face -,-

  8. i know i dont have to read comments…. -.-

  9. Alejandro James says:

    Lol, you crazy dudes 😛

  10. mh3slayer says:

    well you dont hav to read it then

  11. lol ok then reply to someone u dont have to make an arrogant statement. stop

  12. mh3slayer says:

    then why do people say how he does his hair so stfu and read the comments

  13. congrats.. everyone can do that hairstyle

  14. mh3slayer says:

    I know how mikkiz does his hair its easy

  15. HardstyleTonic says:

    was mikki being mugged? 6:23

  16. HardstyleTonic says:

    wow if we did this in america we would be on the ground with pepper spray in our eyes and tazed xD

  17. Knockout C

  18. Hecdick125 says:


  19. TheJoshv1 says:

    Whats the song that starts at 5:10?? plz tell me

  20. kamehamehah1234 says:

    how da hell da mikki get his hair like dat lmfao he fell

  21. RamjaBuh says:

    how does mikki do his hair like that!!Dx

  22. WaWeZ1109 says:

    what song is 5:20 ?

  23. Hecdick125 says:

    lol if they hit there nakkas they wont shuffle anymore

  24. wahlaonousernameone says:

    lol hilarious/