Its my first video. I lacked of effort because ...well i was 3:00 am in the morning and still up and i'm tired out of my mind. Im sorry if anyone asks this y...

my lil cousin idalis shuffling on Easter. shoutouts to melona. she inspires my lil cousin to keep on shuffling lol.
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34 Responses to “My First Melbourne Shuffle Video”

  1. Chris Fortner says:

    practice 2 step running man and the rest will come to you 🙂

  2. derholsti says:


    dude i had to say 2 things

    first bad light

    and the second one
    practise more and every day ^^^
    goodl luck dude

  3. MoMo Shuffler says:

    dude not mnay ppl even know what shuffling is in wisconsin
    -Mo-Mo shuffler ^^

  4. Idratherbedancing Productions says:

    hahaha first time shuffling, no kidding. lol how do you know all the hawaii shufflers?

  5. materialclassified says:

    Really, it was just like you were floating on air. Not bad!

  6. ThatkidScuff says:

    Keep up the good work!

  7. XxsuicideblindxX says:

    Wisconsin In the U.S. I got way better actually. and meh pants don’t fall down!

  8. MoMo Shuffler says:

    where r u from ?
    pretty good for beginer

  9. HIHEproduction says:


  10. xovochuppii says:

    Gay as’f …

  11. Minaa OTF says:

    The running man is 2steps learn it, then you’ll be one of the best chafflersss lol and Melborne is gay and stupid js..

  12. mrshuffles21 says:


  13. danny gabriel says:

    She’s only jumping?

  14. hunter campbell says:

    this girl is like my cousion a hot young professional shuffler good luck to you in the future and fuck the haters they just jealous

  15. hunter campbell says:

    oi wasted names stfu i wanan see do beter u no what u do what she does i bet u dont have the fucking guts u twit so stfu

  16. Ur good but stop jumping.. Go look at tutorials.

  17. Beverly M says:


  18. Shes actually really good, but just stop jumping 🙂

  19. TheWastedNames says:

    She doesn’t even know how to shuffle! xD
    Learn how to Melbourne shuffle you stupid little girl! -___-

  20. Nancy Chavarria says:

    the shuffling name iss …. We Run The Night & all shes doing is jumping lol learn how to shuffle before u post up the video

  21. Alexandra Barraza says:

    Uh no harsh comment but why you jocking melona’s shuffling talent? get your own.

  22. kevin ware says:

    how did this so many views

  23. Diamond Nelson says:

    What’s the song called?

  24. 818sakura says:

    yew ashould make a shuffling tutorial

  25. Jessie Tunis says:

    Whats This Song Called??

  26. gina daniel says:

    isnt malaysian TWO step not ONE..

  27. devilsjoshowns says:

    @DannyyFreshh18 actually 1:59 mins of your life, dumb ass

  28. Annette Mendez says:

    Good kicks turns everything except the running man is a 2step in 1 Jump step lol other then that really good 🙂

  29. Esmeralda Siria says:

    Shes pretty good! 😀 Except her running man is not a two step so it looks a little weird. She just needs to learn the two step running man but other than that shes good 😀

    no diss.

    -Esmeralda <3

  30. ATSBanging says:

    We run the Night vv

  31. Selena Canedo says:

    -Aye Whaats Thaat One Sonqq Shes Shuffling Tww ??

  32. JihadBuddy says:

    cyoooootie <333

  33. presioadanny says:

    srry but wats the name of that sonq i look lwke krazy

  34. monster12392 says:

    Thats one step malayasin ur awsome bro 🙂