My first shuffle edit vid sorry i know it sucks

just trying to improve shuffle=D.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

melbourne shuffle basics..(all include)

presented by nic.. NIcholast CHin.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

13 Responses to “My first shuffle edit vid sorry i know it sucks”

  1. TheAlphaShadow says:

    It’s not his first time, it’s his first video.

  2. not bad bro.. keep it up! =D

  3. FatJohn3067 says:

    but its quite good…A little better than me…Well just a little T_T

  4. this totall sucks………but keep it up…

  5. oh okie=D…thx=D..

  6. pro but next time on the lights if not cant see what you doing!

  7. GREAT Thx the video!

  8. Angelle Mendoza says:

    Duwd I fucking love you man! Ive been looking for a vid with the walking
    man and couldnt find it! xD u rocccck!

  9. jumeirah85 says:

    running man – you find over hundred vids here.. but nice .. i m trying
    every day to become better.. nice vid – respect

  10. koochkooch says:

    cheers for this mayn =] God bless

  11. i luv u daddy….mmuacksssssss…..

  12. huhu..