By watching this video you will learn how to do: The Running Man, The 'T' , kicks and spins. Enjoy.
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25 Responses to “My Guide On How To Shuffle (dance) hardstyle MUST WATCH!”

  1. Ethan Garcia says:

    Make more vids!!!!

  2. Ethan Garcia says:

    “We dont see your head”

  3. Daniel Khataei says:


  4. liquid bass says:

    Nice helped heaps, no shame learning from someone younger than me XD

  5. Luis Roncayolo says:

    Thumbs up if you think people who ask for thumbs up are retarded attention whores! Oh.. wait a sec..

  6. Sofia Peisakhov says:

    No metter what I do and how I do it, It’s not seems right 🙁

  7. leigh wavis says:

    thnx guys for the good coments

  8. Thuan Nguyen says:

    thanks, great vid! :)

  9. And also to every one thats talking about lmfao this was posted 2008 and lmfao was out 2011 also i beleVe the kids on about hardstyle not pop anthum shit.

  10. Safe lil man, covered alot of stuff other videos havn’t i was struggling with the transitions but u made it a lot clearer with the “twisty” lil ledge. Safe

  11. JessieOliver6 says:

    He’s so adorable! Fuck all the haters, bitches hating cuz a kid can and they can’t. You go kidd!

  12. Nicholas Mansbridge says:

    Such a dude! Wish you were my little brother!

  13. zaynah munir says:

    he is adorable

  14. Ilene Lugo says:

    Aww . :D

  15. mrbones521 says:

    you suck thats all i have to say

  16. 桓曦 張 says:


  17. Flashmarley says:


  18. sulabh5898 says:

    Lol people have been shuffling way before LMFAO was out

  19. Stupid people who think its so cool to shuffle just because the fucking retarded mainstream idiotic LMFAO bitches did it…they make me want to vomit.

  20. Cute

  21. well, i aint trollin, but please practice more and actually learn to shuffle before posting tutorials 🙂

  22. Ethanasaurs5012 says:

    i respect

  23. fucken kids stop making youtube videos this kid cant shuffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. irishjakpatty says:

    whats the difference in hard style and smooth style

  25. I like the part where he sucks at balance