This was my last Shuffle Meetup in Switzerland. Because i`ll leave switzerland and gonna live then in Vienna Austria. I miss you guys!! 🙁 This vid is actually only dedicated to my Shuffle Friends from switzerland. -Aaron

World melbourne shuffle compilation 2010 part1 sound list a few days sorry for mistakes


  1. AaroNN3il, you said you would release the soundtrack one year ago! 😮

  2. D7Double7B says:

    wann bisch denn mal i de schwiiz??(wieder)

  3. cybertron619 says:

    @Oneironaut72 LGK3 – its back

  4. Oneironaut72 says:

    @cybertron619 I would like to know the song at 1:50 as well

  5. TrebelRebel says:

    hey aaronn3il! whats the tracklist bro?

    Fucking sick shuffling btw! >.<

  6. hardstytle619 says:

    last one is better

  7. Songlist? 🙁

  8. 3:15 tha best

  9. DemiTheVinylsurfer says:

    gset us as wärs en echte verlust fürd schwiz gsi dasd weg bisch! =D

  10. patrickwidmer1 says:

    das gseht ja mega hammer uus, schaad bi ich det nanig debi gsi!

  11. patrickwidmer1 says:

    das gseht ja mega hammer uus, schaad bi ich det nanig debi gsi!

  12. Wie heisst das Lied das vor Activator- Authentic Style läuft?

  13. OmgitzCiCi says:

    What’s the duo song?? :O btw loved it!!

  14. boweichen96 says:

    why did u leave switzerland?

  15. haha, de boogie^^

  16. Dribbles88 says:

    DAMN that duo was freaken crazy man.

  17. Lordhardstyler says:

    cooles video ^^ wo kommt ihr heer

  18. Secret for President!

  19. ShuffleBenjo says:

    guy in green pants?? oO

  20. wie aus ihr schaut =D
    wie ab ihr geht =D

  21. samzocker24 says:

    @mathciew da hesch rächt

  22. Cool!
    Wie heissen die Lieder ab 45 Sek und 1:15?
    Shuffle seit 3 Monaten.

  23. gostivari123 says:

    ^^ peindlich xD

  24. @HDGPOkkEZ wohne schon seit august 2009 in wien.

  25. yeah man du kommst nach wien,..
    oida bro wir treffen uns dann mal 😉

  26. Nice >:D
    Aqui apoyando el shuffle desde Chile
    Sucribe to my channelAGD/Fipe

  27. Nice >:D
    Aqui apoyando el shuffle desde Chile
    Sucribe to my channelAGD/Fipe

  28. Guys, pls, tell me the first track in 0:41

  29. jeppeskov5800 says:

    wow it´s very AWESOME, like that in that way 😀

  30. stonedkid444 says:

    A world of ravers! Does it get any better! (go Australia)

  31. dainiuzas19 says:

    can someone please tell me that 3 songs of germany shufflers

  32. dainiuzas19 says:

    can someone add a song list please ^^

  33. if anyone knows the song that begins at 5:01

  34. @KianEvo it looks like. Yeah probably he is

  35. whats name of the 1st song pls¿

  36. danielkenkasekiso says:


  37. fuck nice work bro can u said me the song list? (go team Australia :D)

  38. KazukiKisama says:

    @HardMover7 its because the people outside malaysia never heared about it 😀

  39. FanaticHardstyler10 says:

    part 2??????????????????????????

  40. MrForcerader says:

    WHEN THE PART 2 WIl be?

  41. Iae velho muito lgl o compilation vc manja mto de edição quero ver as proximas partes ; D
    quais são as musicas da alemanha(a da apresentação tbm) e a de apresentação do Brasil?
    vlw : D

  42. Hii from panamaa! You should try to put some in your compilationn haha although there r not so many shufflers in here:/anyways nice vid!!XD

  43. Hi from panama!!XD try to pput em in the compialtin although there isnt many shufflers in ere =/..Any ways nice vidXD

  44. keesfabriek1punt2 says:

    damn this music is weak WHERE IS THE BASS?????0O0????:o LAMEEE

  45. PepeTheBooN says:

    elegand rawks but 5:50 this sucks (he move like a duck)

  46. omg omg OMG OMG!!!! i want those pants!!! :D:D:O!

  47. Just thought id say GREAT compilation, and if you ever make another id love for you to use any of my vids 😀
    Nice job 5 stars 😀

  48. @EAPeDriN good!see THF on search..may it’s more MAX 😉

  49. good!see THF on search..may it’s more max;)

  50. there are 139 countries and all of them have at least 1 shuffler, so MAKE ANOTHER VIDEOS! AND place ESTONIA in there 😀