SHUFFLERS/ Brennan Kojiro Maah Ice Gus Breeno Naim Ice ^^ Seiko [FRA] Zerox Yoshi (Paulp Henrique) Misty' [FRA] Kioto Pr!$c0Ü [FRA] Isaa Maac Lennon Netinho Andreezy Songlist/ - Hardforze vs. Suae - Inertia (SHOCK.FORCE Remix) - J!XAW - Fukkin Turntable (Terror Force Anthem) - The Machine - Mist - Anderson T - Cause & Effect [ Agah Blacky Remix ] - Sebastian Brandt pres. Guised - Never Alone (Onova Remix)

25 Responses to “MY SHUFFLE COMPILATION 4! [from my favorite videos]”

  1. @gwazdediors do i have creativity?

  2. i wanna be in one! if thats cool with you, if i could that would be AWSOME =]]]

  3. BradRossi69 says:

    wats the 1st song???

  4. Redlemon17 says:

    This is so much better than half of the other shitty overused compilations.

  5. chicken1115 says:


  6. Nice video
    MAS ftw ;D
    ps: i don’t have nothing against AUS

  7. Naim!! THE BEST!!

  8. HardstyleMenace says:

    Getting tired of mas aha :P,
    Nice comp though 🙂

  9. illumitabris says:

    why are most of them barefoot? lol.

  10. gaaru2010 says:

    woooooooooooow veryy veryyy good brooo xD

  11. gaaru2010 says:

    woooooooooooow veryy veryyy good brooo xD

  12. SunaClan says:

    awaesome compliation ! ceep on !

    greez. RHS Suna

  13. HunTerZzz80 says:

    @gwazdediors Im convinced

  14. ironicdevil666 says:

    aweessoommmee!! your still into shuffling that’s good bro 🙂

  15. gwazdediors says:

    @HunTerZzz80 I see things clearly.

  16. HunTerZzz80 says:

    @gwazdediors No creativity ? maybe but open your eyes anyway

  17. gwazdediors says:

    @HunTerZzz80 This is how kids do “Hardstyle” these days. No creativity, just f***ing show off. Sad…

  18. wedanceusa says:

    how do you do that animation with the names where it spins in and out of the video?

  19. lukxsius1 says:

    i not here, whaaaaaat ? no joke bro..
    nice comp..

    HR / BK – Lukas

  20. HGRockxx says:

    nice comp bro
    greetz rockxx

  21. himekoXang says:

    epic ^^

  22. HunTerZzz80 says:

    @HunterisHsh 5 shufflers…

  23. ittsjcee says:

    awesomee compp ! (Y)

  24. Jayzhichio says:

    nice bro..

  25. HunterisHsh says:

    mas mas mas…boring…