me shuffling and ninja and james if ya want songs well 200 views hun.
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[TUTORIAL]}:: step 1: place either foot and start doing the Running Man step 2: with either foot insted of placing the foot down in regular position slide...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 Responses to “MY SHUFFLE STUFF………”

  1. melbourneshuffler97 says:

    umm thx lol i guess

  2. SSiillkkyySSmmootthh says:

    haha cool2.. my part was so techno..

  3. SSiillkkyySSmmootthh says:

    yea i like it..i meant the music was so techno..

  4. shadow0wner7 says:

    beta than james shuff;e prac 1

  5. melbourneshuffler97 says:

    lol rate the vidz plz

  6. melbourneshuffler97 says:

    hahah thx tc

  7. Randomshufflaz360 says:

    first one

  8. melbourneshuffler97 says:

    wats gh?

  9. Randomshufflaz360 says:

    wats the song?

  10. melbourneshuffler97 says:

    i cu 2 ninja

  11. redacid jordan says:

    haha ya i like bass! 😛 but the song after the sparta i remeber hearing
    that on one of my GH games hahaha and the one when u are out side thare
    love that song! haha

  12. AngelsOFBassCrew says:

    i see mee :p hehe sweet

  13. melbourneshuffler97 says:

    lol r u bein serious lol di u like it

  14. melbourneshuffler97 says:

    wich 1

  15. melbourneshuffler97 says:

    soz its infected mushromm-sparta remix

  16. AaronJacob says:

    What the hell was that?

  17. this actually helped me alot, thanks.

  18. anytime guys. this is realllly old btw check out my latest videos!