Nate shuffling.
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5 Responses to “Nate Shuffling”

  1. HardStyleDanger says:

    nice comment and rate us

  2. Andres Ramirez Rocha says:

    Yeah!!! this is the real Melbourne Shuffle!!!

  3. Woah awesome!

  4. FOTBcriminal says:

    ill give u 1 for trying

  5. SMASH McHunt says:

    ur a biginer hay how long u been shuffling for its not to bad u need to
    work on the lights a bit but still looked good and also the running man is
    2 steps not one there are a lot of vids on how to do it propaly if u get
    back to me i could show u combo but there also on YT. so yeah keep it up ur
    looking good repping (SOG)