Talk to me about your negative experiences and views about the Melbourne Shuffle. Anything - whatever pops into your head. Go vote for LCK here: His name is already entered, and u can enter 2 other DJs you like 🙂 Oh and I hope you guys like cats.... and the word "bonus"
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25 Responses to “Negatives of shuffling?”

  1. IcemistDragon says:

    Love the cats..=D …Kept waiting for more to show up…XD

  2. Natureewhoops says:

    Shuffling has took over LA County, we all shuffle, its a way different styles, look up like Sbn shuffle or swh shuffle or kfm shuffle there some crews that rep for LA.

  3. isnt ur cat cute

  4. viciogames says:

    @DjKahnFTSOOE me too, when im shuffling in my class room during the rest time, they think i need to go to a sanitarium! faggotz

  5. CanogaParkShuffler says:

    kool bed m8……….. i really lyk it8)

  6. mrfantastic111 says:

    What puts me off shuffling these days is that all these new kids are doing it because they think it makes them look hard, this new stereotype of doing drugs, going out looking to start shit… Like, as soon as I start shuffling, those around me start thinking “Oh, he shuffles? Wonder where his crew goto light up?”.. Im clean and I love it, I shuffle because I love the music. Great music makes me wanna go crazy, unload some stress and energy to the bass!

    p.s: Great vid man! Lovin’ the cats 🙂

  7. Veisha2007 says:

    Nothing’s cuter than a cute guy with a cat. xDD

  8. avengedx47 says:

    Woooot so glad I randomly searched for your videos today! Glad to see you’re making more! I always did enjoy them.

  9. HNSshufflecrew says:

    My negative is that at school, the shufflers that shuffle to impress ( the bad guys ) keep comin to me and askin me to shuffle, do they really expect me to just do it? ANd my friends also think im retarded cause to them dancing is “gay”….. =[

  10. isaacthegrape says:

    Awwwww. Cat. I want a cat. But I can’t have a pet that isn’t a reptile or a fish. 🙂

  11. isaacthegrape says:


    Exactly. I’m no wizened old man (16) but I’ve noticed the decreasing numbers of shufflers over 20. It’s like Shuffling has sort of (or already did) become a fad. You do it. You get tired of it or it stops being popular. You quit. Look at people like HSA. They had talent. They weren’t one of the most respectful crews but they sure could Shuffle. Rocky was my favorite. Damn, now I feeling all Huxley-like. I need to read Brave New World again. Wow. Shuffling and Brave New World. 😮

  12. FutureBassKlowners says:

    well my crew hates it when we go to latenight and shuffle there , cos people come up to you and say oh ur gay cos u shuffle that’s so last year. I mean come on man we do it because we express ourselves and it’s a way of feeling the music in yourself. I personally do it to express my feelings (:
    – Sonic

  13. MrPinkEskimo says:

    hey guy, sounds like you have what i have. I kinda forget what its called, but its when you grow fast and the tendons and ligaments to stretch out. so it hurts. its like… osgood… something. but yeaa. it goes away after like half a year… or you just get used to it… mines went away after like 5.. or 7 months? lawl. yeaa. kk just putting it out there. it hurts right below the kneecap on the top of the shin bone

  14. ToddShufflez says:

    The one thing that puts me off shuffling is the kids that are in crews but have only been shuffling for about 3 weeks. It isnt the fact that they made a crew and shit but its more the fact that they make really bad crew shuffle videos and then go and offend and put down the more experienced down when they cant even do the running man smoothly!
    Also the fact that so many shufflers get hated on nowadays for it being so “old”.
    Bloody idiots.
    I guess its all just arrogance.

  15. mouldymat says:

    @DjKahnFTSOOE GTFO of turdface town. XD

  16. mouldymat says:

    Start taking drugs when they go out dancing… That’s pretty rad… Dont do that.

    NO U

  17. @DjKahnFTSOOE man i got the same problem but theres not even a club where i live

  18. DJDoDostyle says:

    Same problem ;P but here everyone is obsessed in rap or heavy metal 😉


  20. shuffling is not a negative thing, shuffling everytime on drugs is. ur cats are so adorable!

  21. @DjKahnFTSOOE 🙁

  22. @adgeee000 haha i don’t wanna get into this whole drug thing… there’s no point. maybe there is. fuck i dunno. time will tell if i make one.

    and totally agree about the first 2 points – i’m dancing because i want to, not to entertain someone else. lol. stupids.

    and i tried shuffling in an rnb club. i almost threw up lol. liked the music but just impossible to enjoy dancing to it hahaha

  23. @RemixXFX well i’m listening to it regardless of where i’m from! hahahaha!!!

    serb 🙂

  24. @BigMilan Quite a good point you got there… Didn’t think of it that way…

  25. DjKahnFTSOOE says:

    I only have 1 bad experience with shuffling so far, and that is… where I live. everyone is so obsessed with pop/rap/hiphop, that theres no one to dance with.