Welll yeahhhh i wasssss so bored...so this was just for fun...its been a loooong time uh =)
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Me being helpful.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

33 Responses to “NERD Zerox – Bored at home with a bit of music – Melbourne shuffle [MAS]”

  1. HarderRagestyle says:


  2. barto1998fluro says:

    Fenomeno 😉

  3. mamma mia mi sembra ieri quando guardavo i tuoi video x le prime volte o quando ti ho conosciuto a sestri e siamo andati in piazza x la prima volta! poi tutti i video che avevo fatto anchio x entrare nella TE! mamma mia che bei ricordi!

  4. Jordi Mas Couvret says:

    zerox im the man who upped hardstyle republic vs melbourne shuffle compilations :) ‘ve learned a lot at this time, I love your style 🙂 my account with shuffle vids is HrepublicvsMshuffle… good to see you 🙂 good luck friend

  5. kevinzerox93 says:

    hahahaha ricordi eh? =D

  6. la leggenda italiana ahahahah proprio come ai vecchi tempi eh =)


  7. makeithardearl says:

    i like your style bro 🙂 keep it up


  8. chuysamah says:

    00:21 dopest spin ever!!!:)

  9. kevinzerox93 says:

    hahahaa grazie tesoro! ehh voglio vedere un tuo nuovo video eh =)


  10. DarkLadyC96 says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaa e io ke ti immaginavo vecchietto con la barba che ormai non reisce piu a camminareee u.u
    ma guardalo ke fa il figo XD
    la spin a 0:22 è qualcosa di incredibile *-* come il running man a 0:49
    uff adesso me tocca farne anke io uno nuovo


  11. Achonk Basiru says:

    Damn!! Your Power So Strong

  12. Everton Diazz says:

    you is one my fav shffr

  13. sick cunt 😀

  14. Jonas Foss Elsgaard says:

    Damn, that power dude! :D:D:D
    I write you a PM! ^^

    BN Elsgaard

  15. Gerard Zukov says:

    OMG Power <3333

  16. mrgir19972 says:

    That’s my g.I.r shirt

  17. petitwallaby says:

    I love this video even more now that I can say: “Hey! I’ve been there!”

  18. Zack Lafreniere says:


  19. TezzaFilmZ says:

    how cum i don’t hav an aussie acsent, just like all the other australian kids like me.

  20. Ffftrrtr gj

  21. Wow i totally forget how strong Australian accents were :P

  22. hi ersighug says:


  23. serridgeas says:

    and the other videos that are on AA’s main page

  24. tangerinealarm says:

    What else to know…the date? Time.
    Or will there be another video *When* to find a YouTube gathering in Melbourne.
    Oh, 26th November, noon, says the replies.

  25. Arthur40TwoDent says:

    Transport bar is at Federation Square, also Young and Jackson pub is across the road.

  26. Tradie Trev says:

    Where’s the pub?!! That’s the most crucial thing

  27. im cant go becase im alergic to zomies

  28. supervillan says:

    Wish i was there!

  29. vomittbomb says:

    If only I had the money to fly there. 🙁

  30. What time does it go til?

  31. Chris Yuki says:

    Wish I was there, not here!

  32. dangerouslytalented says:

    26th of November. Starting Noon.

  33. itsArthurKomar says:

    whens this?