www.facebook.com ask me how Yea got new phat pants STRAIGHT FROM MELBS!! um yea please enjoy Also i will be trying to make my style more controlled SONG LIST!! BLACK WINTER-BASSAGENTS WACKYJACKIE-TUNEBOY (OR TECHNO BOY) ROCK CIVILISATION- HEADHUNTERZ
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. griffonblast says:

    those r cool pants how much they cost?

  2. Hardsnailstylezz94 says:

    nice :D

  3. Dudesome71 says:

    Can someone please tell me the first song?

  4. Dudesome71 says:

    Dude this is pro keep at it

  5. JNAK4BBC says:

    how much were those

  6. TheBlader121 says:

    The last song was hardcore

  7. TiredOfYourShitUtube says:

    phat pants are a crutch for shuffling to make it look more impressive. if your good you dont really need em

  8. tomgibson605 says:

    How good at shuffling would you say one has to be before he can wear phat pants?

  9. vangku55 says:

    usually you buy from ebay and type in shuffle pants which cost alots

  10. MrAngelFlip says:

    The phatties? kustomclothing, spydahunny uhmm and another one.. even on ebay they sell them.

  11. MRRedominus says:

    WHERE U GOT EM? I REALLY doesnt know where to find ones >.<

  12. ScapeRuneVidz says:

    lmfao is shit.. and fake

  13. megadan429 says:

    your obviously new

  14. rodric1118 says:

    and i thought lmfao where good… 8l

  15. MrMcAhole says:


  16. elementHARDSTYLEshfl says:

    i honestly dislike the song at 0:59 it just seems more like a trancy song instead of hardstyle. anyways I still like you style and hope that you keep up the good work!

  17. PyrobugFDA says:

    I like the pants and your shuffling. I’m only an amateur but I’m learning thanks to your vids. Great job man and have fun shuffling!

  18. XBUSTOSX559 says:

    I orderd my phats just yesterday from kustom clothing gwee sent me an email saying he’s working on them:). I’m going to making vids with them so if u want to check out my vids them just follow me:)

  19. blktoprollin says:

    Like i said, you have style. 

  20. jakubabu9 says:

    theres one strange thing on ur phat pants u have 2 suspenders ?

  21. smallpanzer says:

    cool moves awfull pants too colorfull makes it look clown like in my personal opinion, and suspenders doesnt even suspend anything…. there should be called “the hanging shits”

  22. HannesPirat02 says:

    I waiting for my Phat Pants they are realy awesome

  23. lollololloollolol says:


  24. crewloyal says:


  25. jonanator12551 says:

    dude, I have loved ur style ever since I subbed and Honestly you beat francis just for smoothness! keep up the great work and please bring a new video update!