Newcastle Rockers - Brenton & Josh - Newi Rockin

This is our home... This is our dance... This is Newi Rockers baby!!! Track: ASYS - Cheers (Zany Mix)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Newcastle Rockers – Brenton & Josh – Newi Rockin”

  1. yudayudhistira says:

    Fuck LMFAO !!

  2. BLGspark says:

    I want this style !

  3. KevsKanal says:

    Acid Save Your Soul x3

  4. ShufflinClas says:

    Haha, really like your style

  5. imniayro says:

    Josh love u ! <3 u're my inspiration! <3

  6. HardstyleDrifta001 says:

    nahh mate there from newcastle in australia, but u could gather some friends up and do something like there doing your self mate 🙂

  7. BenShufflez says:

    who doens’t? xD

  8. GR33NEE says:


  9. AshleighConlonxx says:

    You actually from newcastle england?
    would i be able to do a tryout vid?
    Let me know.

  10. jaki15b says:


  11. spiedew says:

    OWWWW YEAHH! that’s a real clean club shuffle style! awesome

    HFD | Sparks

  12. sick kunts

  13. oi but but your hands up if your a fuckin hater GET THE FUCK ON…. shot u fullas use are mean!!

  14. TheMissReeRee says:

    NEWY REP! ( :

  15. GR33NEE says:

    yeah dah!

  16. ShhaYdEe says:

    i love it how yous are both so well in sync.

  17. coioteshuffler says:

    nice shuffle guys
    but , were`s the running man???

  18. TheHardstyleMan4 says:

    Heey do you guys still shuffle?

  19. yoyocool2 says:

    You can’t talk about flow when you haven’t exactly got any yourself:) As well as your upper body movement is just you flailing your arms;) Keep practicing.

  20. bigbadwolfe123 says:

    You have no upper body flow. These guys are awesome.

  21. HardstyleJVM56 says:

    i think brenton is the king of melb shuffle

  22. XDFehShuffleXD says:

    OMFG!! Fucking insane at 4:17!!! You are the best!!!

  23. Judoguy23 says:

    They have the footwork, but they sadly have no upper body and next to zero flow. Keep practicing.

  24. Josu4LR says:

    my fav!!!

  25. holysoks1 says:

    sif disrespect their shuffling skills 😐

  26. mulakai666 says:

    i want him at qlimax 2012 0r 2013! just in the future!!

  27. TressyTc says:

    Wow, never thought that someone would use “Little Things” from Good Charlotte, to make a song this epic.
    Love it <3v

  28. impresor37 says:

    this tune is tooooo legit to quit. 10000000% awesome.

  29. 15hardstyle says:

    Karpe DM is a hardstyle god ♥
    like the song from 0:00 to 4:50
    and i love the part at 2:55 🙂

  30. ruxHardstyler says:

    your the best man…THE BEEEST  <3

  31. varyproshot says:

    this is for me? aww u shouldnt hav

  32. MaaatsOlaaand says:

    Karpe-DM to Qlimax 2012 !!!

  33. AnythingButHuman says:

    Awesome tune! absolutely love it!
    Check your mail mate sent you a pm about something.

  34. OMattitudes says:


  35. ManuelRsArg says:

    this song diserves + 1.000.000 views couse its amazing! Lets show our friends KarpeDm Dj songs!

  36. konkordmusk says:

    For every kid who got picked last in gym class

  37. miguelreye1 says:

    Fucking awesome track, never gets old . cheers !

  38. ianlaframboi1 says:

    for evry kid who got the glass in gym class?

  39. ianlaframboi1 says:

    this song is sexy

  40. IdentificationYess says:

    Karpe-Dm my fucking God!!!! <3

  41. osiem1989 says:

    Karpe Dm – one of the best Hardstyle Dj !!

  42. Caven412 says:

    Are you retarded?

  43. MOSiCantShuffle says:

    Headhunterz is a go*
    Just one Guy bro, Willem McGurble or something 🙂

  44. CompaRocho says:

    To all the people who are saying hes better than Headhunters, fuck you, you dont know what hardstyle is, no disrespect to Karpe DM hes fuckin awesome, but Headhunters are fucking Gods.

  45. DistortGuyzMusic says:

    That bassline is a sample ?

  46. DeSchindler1995 says:

    nice song 🙂 <3

  47. BigBG1225 says:

    Yess… Karpe-DM better than HeadHunterz is gold for future Hardstyle : D ^^

  48. nichonx94 says:

    sick bassline

  49. basshunter1306 says:

    this is for me!

  50. DENERICK3 says:

    words from Good Charlote – Little Things i guess