Brenton and Josh followed beXta back to Perth for what turned out ot be another great night! A big thanks to Taylor and the Western Rockers for helping showcase the best of Perth's talent and to Daniel Truong, the winner of the shuffle competition! Till next time Perth! Tracks: 20000 Hardcore Members (Kidd Kaos Mix) & Bitches - Dj Isaac

26 Responses to “Newcastle Rockers – Perth SHFL – Round Two”

  1. jozsef888 says:

    Whats the mix at 1:05 i found the song: “the future is ours – B.I.A. & Dj Dag”
    i want to know ho mixed it

  2. Jarrod is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  3. SmileyCantDance says:

    cheers mate :)

  4. Goo Sunny!!! Best one out there!! 😀 >XP

  5. MadKrazyGeorge says:

    ASYS – Cheers (Zany Mix)

  6. Watch is Song 00:00 00:07

  7. hey ,,,, more videos

  8. Hardstylestudi0 says:

    haha love the new video boiz miss going around with you guys getting loose hey shits always crazy and fun with you boizz xxxxxxxxx

  9. JordZWHAT says:

    speechless man.
    keep it rockiinnggg!

  10. Kiz4ndC4L says:

    LOLS SUNNY is MAggoted 🙂

  11. DamonShuffleDance says:

    sunny DT and ender 😛
    fricking amazing rawk

  12. newkcrowe says:

    get good at making vids u are beast

  13. Kiz4ndC4L says:

    jared, ender and sunny 🙂 rawked
    glad yu brought em down to a meetup mr sunny
    swell guys aye.
    that can fucking dance bulk good
    cyas round

  14. DaHomieManny says:

    yea the kidd kaos mix is amazing though!

  15. XDFehShuffleXD says:

    I don’t know too!

  16. DaHomieManny says:

    bitches bt dj isaac is on frostwire
    n idk where 2 find 20,000 hardcore members kidd kaos mix idk.?

  17. XDFehShuffleXD says:

    Where i can download this tracks for free?

  18. DaHomieManny says:

    20,000 hardcore members!!
    I say the future is ours!!(:

  19. Elitespriggen says:

    Excellent song, excellent styles! Respect to Jared and ender! Grats DT for the win!

  20. DT is amazing

  21. @phatty2008 BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  22. @phatty2008 kizza is like 15 so he aint aloud is like me XD

  23. hehe thanks man 🙂 im no good at making vids or anything decent worth putting up so i havent got any 🙁 i might just upload a phone quality one so i got something good up :). have one up on monday

  24. when did this go down?

  25. Im looking for the next shuffke comp in perth. I want to challage

  26. Forgive the spelling. Dam new phone haha