Got bored so made a shuffle video, First time editing a video, so cut us some slack

1st time miri shuffle competition 2008, hardstyle and melbourne shuffle at packson, shuffle in groups [н]ard[s]tyle[я]aver-BeyonD ThE LimiT
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Newcastle Rockers Tomo & Grant bored shuffle”

  1. Nice 😀

  2. DFWROCKER says:

    this is quality stuff, the dancing is the most important thing anyway.
    You guys are my influence keep rockin!

  3. ibanezcrow says:

    4:04 Coolest thing i’ve ever seen!

  4. RaV3GuR1 says:

    damm you guys are goodd…

  5. abcdf753 says:

    @bornwel thanks alot! Great music choices for your vid

  6. @abcdf753 eqalize it (original mix) by Chiren

  7. abcdf753 says:

    can you tell me whats the song that you guys use at the beginning of your video? thanks! 🙂 keep on rockin! big fan of yours!~

  8. bozzy125 says:

    <3 grants style, makes him look like he weighs 1 stone

  9. EnisoCanShuffle says:

    A really cool style u guys got!
    More of this!

  10. adgeee000 says:

    Grant has an awesome style, reminds me of big milan alot

  11. okdansker says:

    @tomorockerthompson Awesome 😉 Looking forward to see a new vid! 😉

  12. tomorockerthompson says:

    @okdansker will do man my net has stuffed up atm thats why i havnt been really puttin much up there but me an grant will be puttin another up soon but im guna try be a lill different an find wat i really wana do i love goin hard but i like to be smooth with the slides so i just wana get them together properly plus more reverse for ya

  13. @lman018 its “My Style” by Enigmato

  14. what song is that, at the end, that has that piano or keyboard bit in it?

  15. okdansker says:

    @tomorockerthompson Okay… You’re reverse was awesome and unique before but make some new vid’s so i can follow you transforming in your new style 😉 !

  16. tomorockerthompson says:

    love it thanks man oh the shoe um….. yeah lol my bad :-S

  17. tomorockerthompson says:

    @okdansker na i do a lil still not as much as my fellow shufflers have said i got soft but ill get it back just tryin to work on technique an style then ill put some more moves into it but stay tuned ill be rockin harder an harder every week

  18. NewcastleRockers says:

    Grant = epic
    Tomo your too smooth… we no you go harder! =P
    ps why walk up n down stairs when you can do that =D
    Great Vid

  19. okdansker says:

    Did you stop all the reverse stuff tomo ? 🙂

  20. raverbenny says:

    well done lads

  21. Very nice video guys! … Grant rlz in the stairs!

  22. man i love this clip.
    you guys are… epic!
    i love that bit on the stairs!

  23. yeah its the one across from the HVB next to supercheap

  24. Nemesis2O says:

    so this is what u guys get up too without me 🙁 is this at the car park across the road from the club house or HVB

  25. awesome



  26. vivashoter says:

    Best 6:16 i have watched of competition Shuffling. Keep it up B)

  27. DOOMZEDAY says:

    @WiShOneKR so u come to one of the best shuffling vids there is to troll,
    its like 1 helicopter trying to attack the whole american military

  28. smooVe1234 says:

    @WiShOneKR , that means u have absolutely no taste in electronic music.
    idiots who think they know their shit.

  29. WiShOneKR says:

    @smooVe1234 hardstyle is the shiit u dumb cunt

  30. imniceer says:

    wats the last song played

  31. smooVe1234 says:

    shuffling is a dance for people who enjoys good music, hardstyle is not one of them, even though it may be a matter of opinion, that music sucks bad.
    choose a better mix. cos what i just heard was just thrash

  32. taquito902 says:

    hey someone can pas me the song list? plz

  33. taquito902 says:

    hey someone can pasme the song list? plz

  34. There’s not a lot of shuffling in this one, but I still really liked it. Kudos to them for going on stage and doing it!

  35. MammaleousMaximus says:

    I think this it he best intro of any shuffle group on youtube, the songs and timing are just pretty awesome.

  36. iPhilKay says:

    Hahaha, malaysians seems to be able to turn shuffle into a drama thing 🙁
    but i still like it haha…only the shuffle bit 🙂

  37. Sapphiryeonz says:

    What’s the name of the song they’re dancing to?

  38. moonbiskeit says:

    shuffle is just a word..if u can shuffle and put some creativity in, why not? At least people have the guts to go up stage and do it!!!!

  39. what a bunch ot faggy jerks

  40. yudoshin89 says:

    go bek and practise again u Dumb ASSHOLE Group!!!! noe how to dance ka? u stupid!? bikin malu org miri saja!!! pui!? Sial!!! my most lao yar de ka gia oso can win ur group ody!!! wanna TrY!?? Scared ka? ma ci bai…./.

  41. Gr33n0wnz says:

    the guy in the middle is fuckin good

  42. JerfinhoouL says:

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    Comment’s Plz
    Thank’s for Watching

  43. illusionz1991 says:

    Wait Wait WAit~!!!! tis team is not broke~~~~!!!! where does all of u gt the info from~!! we are active and have lots of cool cheorography we do lots of performance tis year sorry for not uploading any of our vids but for ya info HSR STILL ALIVE~!!!

  44. Wow.. wtf is this this is not a drama.. its a shuffle not a drama..

  45. CoolDudez98 says:

    Did you know that this team broke already? Sad isn’t it? They were such a great team…… oh well you can’t change the past… don’t cry over split mik… lol XD

  46. Bass Agents – Black winter

  47. ilovemydoginaction says:

    Attention pupils that love shuffle the next shuffle competition at Malaysia,Miri is heald at Bintang Mega Mall 1st price RM 1,500 2cd price is RM1000 3rd price is RM 500 plese come.The date for that day is 4 Ocutober 2009 Sunday 1pm to 6pm thank you

  48. ilovemydoginaction says:

    next competition for shuffle at miri is on 4 october 2009 at bintang plaza 1 pm to 6 pm

  49. denisbarinovx says:

    Best shuffle team I have ever seen!
    And that skinny guy is just the best!! =)

  50. DjFlashbang1 says:

    omg.. German shuffle the best 4 ever ♥