My shuffle school 🙂
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2nd video 2 members missing somewhere 😀

49 Responses to “Newstyle Shuffle Studio – Halloween”

  1. TheTOPProductions says:

    Sons Of Satan – Make You Rock 🙂

  2. MIKIVVBB says:

    wow cool suit on 8:05 want one xD

  3. bringthemyoung says:

    the girl kills them all, accept t1m

  4. mulakai666 says:

    plz some1 tell me the track where they say “we gonna rock you baby” i really need it for some agressive shuffle!!!

  5. SkypexLovesCwalk says:

    is that Mas Style or Aus Style ? 😀

  6. xXSTAMPEXx says:

    dindt know kursaki ichigo shuffled… 😛 nice mask 😀

  7. brummerfieldheroes says:

    lulz t1m did more for the shuffle scene than obama for the usa

  8. Saik0Musicchannel says:

    nice work, but your aiding in tearing the Melbourne Shuffle away from the PLUR scene…

  9. mustnotlove says:

    that chick is good.

  10. AncientForces says:

    He got a Ichigo hollow mask, LOL, WTF?! T1M IS A FUCKING AWESOME SHUFFLER!!!

  11. redhistory4 says:

    and i want only a room to dance…
    the only room i have is my cellar…and he is too small ;(

  12. joelksonify says:

    Manos vcs arazão XD. danção pra caralhooooooooooo!!!!!!! 

  13. nightglow998 says:

    Know of anything like this in san antonio, texas?

  14. RickelTrixX says:

    woooow o.O ♥

  15. dukemydogy says:

    @MrShadowFury sorry i should elaborate, only one of the masks is from bleach 😛

  16. dukemydogy says:

    @MrShadowFury they are bleach masks, just search em on ebay

  17. xIMxKniFedx says:

    @iT1Ml where is the school located lol

  18. Evilaim3r says:

    T1M you are a fucking boss!!!

  19. Knugent54321 says:

    @MrShadowFury Probably but idk :/

  20. lero77shuffler says:

    @daniposer pitchers- black is back 😀

  21. TheElsgaard says:

    @daniposer I don’t know it, im affraid 🙁

  22. daniposer says:

    @TheElsgaard name of the song 3:33 – 4:53??? i have all of them except that one…pleaseeeeeee

  23. daniposer says:

    name of the song 3:33 – 4:53??? i have all of them except that one

  24. HSFDante says:

    @MrShadowFury Ebay man, Just type in Ichigo Mask but they are like 40-50$

  25. game5099 says:

    Can somebody please tell me the names of the songs

  26. 7seattlesfinest4 says:

    great shuffling to you all. please checc out my clan TheHardStyleLegion.

  27. LithuanianHsKClan says:

    :D i SeC negalima 🙂 ir tj db apie shuffle nk nebezinau 😀 pats nebesoku jau o ka secai ar soka ar ne tj neturiu ne menko supratimo 🙂

  28. ShuffleryS says:

    galit i klana? 😉 varau 2metus. kaip tas brick panasei soku ;))) turiu shuffle pensus

  29. ShuffleryS says:

    galit i klana? ;) varau 2metus. kaip tas brick panasei soku ;)))

  30. Ei kokia cia daina skambanti 3:00 ????

  31. nikolajgg123 says:

    its Noicecontrollers-bassleader but what is the name of the first song?

  32. FUXER911 says:

    SeC mldc klanas, gerieusias lietuvoje, ir suffleriai ipac kaip Hunteris ir OLI[X] ir Shadow ir Brick ir roxo visi karoc geri 🙂 + mldc all 😉

  33. KowalskiZ says:

    koks pavadinimas tos pirmos muzikos?

  34. HTJEliteClan says:

    1:15  Noisecontrollers – Bassleader Anthem 2008

  35. HTJEliteClan says:

    PLZZ can i get the second song?? i can’t find it

  36. HTJEliteClan says:

    Omg you are have so wrong!!

  37. HTJEliteClan says:

    no dude så wrong!!!

  38. LithuanianHsKClan says:


  39. IceBeatRemix says:

    Headhunterz vs Abject – Scantraxx Rootz

    The first song in the video 😀

  40. IceBeatRemix says:

    Scantraxx Roots-HeadHunterz
    it is the best song

  41. can i join SeC???

  42. Plantie123456 says:

    Technically they dont ‘glow’ they have reflective tape on them that they put on street signs, caution cones etc, they glow when light is shined on them.

  43. Nežinau kaip jūs, bet šitas video pirmą kartą mane įkvėpė šokti ir išvis sudomino šaflu. 🙂

  44. pimppimpdaddy66 says:

    wow thought the blue pant were koo 🙂
    send me some good songs pls

  45. HardStyleSouls says:

    Dude you guys are quite good Gotta give ya that (: we have too catch up sometimes

    wishing u the best (:


  46. thanks lol

  47. LithuanianHsKClan says:

    em.. i’ll try to find all the songs and i will write it in info 🙂

  48. yo can i get songs somone please? some real good songs with insane shufflen =D

  49. iProSkaTerxX says:

    i dont know nuthin bout shuffling but its looks cool