one mah homies yeeeeeehh boooooooooyy! haha his accounts all messed up or something so uploaded for him 🙂

18 Responses to “nigelkid; new melbourne shuffle!”

  1. Asakengstah says:


  2. hardstylejdog says:

    sweeet 5*

  3. thelightshuffler says:

    sweet fucking 15 seconds mate nice watch my vid of shuffling

  4. xZeeeeLOL74 says:

    Whos my sexy Nigel?
    Nigel is :D.

  5. DreamChildx369 says:

    nice shuffling!

  6. IzzyCantShuffle says:

    awesome shuffling bro! 5/5
    ur rly good =)

    can u pleas watch my last new video and leave an comment though? ^^ thanx


  7. BillyShhuffleZ says:

    Not Bad =)
    i’d watch it again =)

  8. theocemma says:

    fuck nigel is a skinny cunt 🙂
    good shuffle

  9. iHardShuffle says:

    The most amazing 15 seconds of my life.

  10. iHardShuffle says:


  11. JordZWHAT says:

    nice shuffling nigelkid ;D

  12. WingZero616 says:

    nice short rockin

  13. iBzRockyy says:


  14. that was h3kt1K

  15. jordan23bullz says:

    whats song ?

  16. pro

  17. HrdstylshNinja says:

    lols i know this kidd
    one sexy dancer

  18. Neville1337 says:

    o fuck! awesome.