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new video made on a rainy day hear in Austin Texas i'm pratcing slide's now so ya there it is .........freaking love this song so i decided to use it for thi...

4 Responses to “Night Shuffle”

  1. Just watched your breathe carolina video before this shit was sick. I like
    your style.

  2. dude its nice to see some texas shufflers rockin man! Im from H-town if you
    shuffle you should hit some of the places out here, or the lizard lounge
    out in DFS. You might see me rockin it! btw if you ever have any questions
    about shuffling ide be more than happy to help! ~Cypress~

  3. DrGreen AESK says:

    dud sick for a big boy thumbs up

  4. INEParkour says:

    @MrZsolt33 Thats not why you should sub people πŸ™