lolz sorry about the ending my plant fell on my laptop xD SEE JESSE I CAN SHUFFLE !
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24 Responses to “Noob Shuffle =D”

  1. hahahahaha lOl

  2. why thank you = ) lol , everyone else seems to like that too xD

  3. merrick106 says:

    dude you a looser

  4. preppy2dragon says:

    lolz i love 0:50 nice man *thumbs up* hahah

  5. PurpleDinosawr1 says:

    nice junk there buddie.

  6. =) lol

  7. nice man not to bad keep it going .. check my vid3o out >>>

  8. rofl 0:50 “Jesus fucking christ!” ur a natural thats 4 sure…

  9. heey hey hey board shorts are awesome okay =)

  10. hshahshahahah = ) my baad xD my plant fell and it fukin sucked !

  11. hahahaha yeaah , doood check out my newest videos =D and see how much
    better i have gotten XD and they are to hardstyle songs =P

  12. wtf . . .

  13. yeeah man noo worries =)

  14. XcoffeXsmurfX says:

    Ah you’re much better thenn mee how far a long were you when you did this?
    and btw, do oyu have any tips or anything ahah, the ending was amazing 😛

  15. punkinhead1313 says:

    NICE ONE TREVOR!! i like the plant falling at the end best part by far 😉

  16. ok then 🙂 XD

  17. Josiah .Beilharz says:

    why the fuck do people always wear board shorts???

  18. Matt Cowley says:

    sweet vid could you try it to a hardstyle song? cuz they got faster beats
    could look better (Y) if you do send me a link for the vid yea (Y) thanks

  19. charlotte s says:

    Lol 0:48

  20. hmm like a week for me but i was really into itt haha like non stop prac.
    lol its hard to explain , ill just make a video for youu and let you know
    when its up?

  21. XcoffeXsmurfX says:

    A week wow 😐 mm, that would bee really great and I’d really appreciate it

  22. ????

  23. do a faster song dude but anyways your really good and SEE JESSE HE CAN

  24. hardstlye34 says:

    hardstyle song hardstyle song