This is the first northern ireland shuffle compilation, a video of NI's best shufflers. Sorry if i have left anybody out, i either dont know you or forgot, pm me and you will be in the next one 🙂 Shufflers in order of appearance: Kyle Luke Chrizz Phaiize Stefan Colm Jordy Jordan Andy Ciaran Logie and Connor (Council jumping in background) Staffy Songlist: 0:01 - 1:56 SMD - Just like you (New Concept Mix) 1:57 - 3:11 A-Lusion Meets Scope DJ - Between Worlds 3:12 - 4:10 The Hardest Boyz - Listen Up 4:11 - 4:58 Brainkicker - Queen Must Go Down 4:59 - 5:50 Da Tweekas - Da Bomba 5:51 - 7:11 Headhunterz - Digifreak (Dj ResQ Remixed Mashup) Thanks for watching! Visit Comment, Rate and Subscribe!
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25 Responses to “Northern Ireland Shuffle Compilation #1”

  1. friggin class, 10 times the shufflers i’ll ever be, at least

  2. its shit were i live cus im like the only shuffler nd every1s like how do you do that. then u hav 2 teach every1. id love to go to a meet up

  3. chelseasquad says:

    dont ya just love northern ireland? did i see a gaelic top in that? pffft

  4. Atlantamusicfreak says:

    where can i find the new concept version :/ ?

  5. Atlantamusicfreak says:

    where can i find :/

  6. the fist lad is lethal (shuffling)

  7. songs ***** five stars

  8. howd yous learn to do that? amazing !!

  9. DownesyUTH says:

    @Gerardie2 Saturday.

  10. Whens the next shuffle meetup in Belfast?

  11. JasonGSHUFFLE says:

    @IeKeris This sunday

  12. wayne we are better 😛

  13. legendpiper says:

    yo big up n.i shufflers awsome vid like
    me n my mate does shufflin am nt really good at but still practiceing my mate is class at it like he has a shuffle vid on here you should check him out lmao wb sn

  14. When the next shuffle meet up i dublin? Please tell me someone.

  15. JayyStylle says:

    Gotta love the Ni Shufflers/ Jumpers ;D

  16. CollateralGod says:

    Be expecting a 2nd one soon man 🙂 just downloading vegas 9 atm so ill start soon 🙂

  17. awesome comp man 😀

  18. CollateralGod says:

    search for BigMilan on youtube he posts the best tutorials mate

  19. video*

  20. there from all over mate, there a community if you know what i mean they meet up and just shuffle together if you go to that website you could go to one.

  21. Coud any of those guys post a tutorial videlo??

  22. 5:27 – 6:22 eyoooo

  23. hardstyler390 says:

    yo this shuffle is pritty good me and my m8s shuffle for HsS

  24. ChrizzHDIre says:

    belfast mate haha

  25. dilbertforlife says:

    Yo wats up!!! never knew there were shufflers out there! were yous from ?? i live in N.I and a group ov us shuffle!! write back plz 😀