Shuffle232 and Shuffle B-Dog showing how to do basic melbourne shuffle moves and bring them together to make something look HOT!!!!
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The best of Lier - Melbourne Shuffle

In this movie you can see all the best recorded moments in my dance. I hope you enjoy. Tracklist: 1. Hardstyle mafia - 24 2. Zatox & Activator - I am what i play 3. Luca Antolini DJ - Life's A Mystery (Andrea Montorsi Remix) 4. D-Block & S-te-Fan - Sound of goodbye 5. Megara vs Dj Lee - Musical society

50 Responses to “Official Melbourne Shuffle Tutorial Vol.1”

  1. OoNonamezoroO says:

    what the …. was that?

  2. MrAdamj2002 says:

    ok r u high

  3. Noob and your accent. No swagg

  4. alstn2623 says:

    Are you drinking?

  5. bptfinesttube says:

    No itz not hot at all I bet u ddnt watch da video

  6. MsRipamywinehouse says:

    WTH he doesnt even know how his tripping on his shoes

  7. EffecTShun1 says:

    its hot.

  8. Jellojamm says:

    Super gay u dance like a girl

  9. 1zerobass says:

    Challenge accepted.


  11. keviolaf01 says:

    u are such a noob…

  12. tru3b1u31 says:

    @zelloz1 its a joke u dickhead.

  13. dude i have bin shuffeling for the last 2 vecks and m beter then you are lol

  14. @mastergamer31 No se si sabes BAILAR o no, pero lo que me quedo claro es que no sabes escribir.

  15. sevenfoldismDrummer1 says:

    100% Joke

  16. NameToRemember72 says:

    British Gangsta Style lol (BGS)

  17. God, This is fucking embarrassing !!

  18. You guys are pathetic! dont make shuffle tutorial if you self cant shuffle !

  19. mastergamer31 says:

    ademas se estan quedando pelones haha nee

  20. mastergamer31 says:

    putos gringos d mierda yo vailo mejor q ellos i casi ni se vailar

  21. sanusizaya says:

    are You crazzy??

  22. MrSlashGates says:

    I dont understand a shit of that :Motherof god:

  23. FuerzaRasta says:

    se estan burlando del shuffle XD

  24. joseochoaxxx says:

    that girls now shuffle

  25. fuuucccckerman says:


  26. Zajebiście popylasz! I do tego jesteś swój chłop 🙂

  27. kamilaimarta says:

    Jak na polaka to niezle 😉

  28. I love it!!!!!!!

  29. @TheHolyTerraria Bwaaaahahahahahaha

  30. NomNomChew says:

    you’re so good!

  31. JaydenJaxonBoys says:

    names of all songs?

  32. DetoxLine says:

    2:44 – jedno z najlepszych shuffle jakie widzialem na oczy 😀

  33. AGGROcardo83 says:

    hee men,thats creazy and fat styl…..sorry my english is not good….;-)

  34. how long did it take u to get to how good u r now???

  35. KiwifruitChickiddi says:

    Cool 🙂

  36. TheHolyTerraria says:

    I miss when shuffling was for white people.

  37. LierShuffle says:

    @SpaceAntStudio Sony Vegas 8 pro

  38. SpaceAntStudio says:

    great vid , miss the old days of good shufflers what editing prog did you use ?

  39. MrBoreeed says:

    Pretty epic shuffling xD, could tell you engish wasn’t too good though :/

  40. SpencerGtv says:

    First song?

  41. agata151070 says:

    ogladnelam chyba wszystkie Twoje filmiki …. to byly piekne czasy moze czas wrocic do tanca

  42. jam140186 says:

    Like your shuffling man. Like the segment with the phat pants best though. Bring back the phats.

  43. Bootlegproductionsz says:

    nice lil rock man

  44. kristinaaxcocies says:


  45. HardstyleChira says:

    you make / made some tutorials? i like ur style, ure a pretty good shuffler 😀

  46. shuffles209 says:


  47. omjnrg111 says:

    kinda already the hand motions but i guess you dont know bout the oldschool :p

  48. omjnrg111 says:

    you can actually use any shoes jus have used up ones like with no grip

  49. omjnrg111 says:

    i agree mate those electro fags are jus posers

  50. EnRAGEDocelot says:

    LOL 26 people dont know what Melbourne Shuffle is… Fucken Electro shufflers..