Shuffle232 and Shuffle B-Dog showing how to do pro melbourne shuffle moves and bring them together to make something look HOT!!!

25 Responses to “Official Melbourne Shuffle Tutorial Vol.2 (pro’s only)”

  1. tito nacho says:

    soy mexicano y creo que esto es una clase de chiste y que yo puedo hacerlo unas diez veces mejor si quieren subo un vídeo haciendo los mismos pasos a un nivel verdaderamente pro

  2. AlphaomegaMedia says:

    Id like to see you shuffle at full speed, see how good you are then, huh?

    -DJ AlphaOmega

  3. Beth Yougn says:


  4. Dians Sanchez says:

    O soy yo sé escucha como estúpido retrasado y sus pasos son feos

  5. Dario Leija says:

    U suck

  6. djlouder skriooper says:

    feo culia ctm

  7. Marco Fourie says:

    listening to you makes my ears cramp

    your face looks like dick and your obviously a whimpy jock since youve got that gay gym set in the back of the vid:/

    STOP shuffleing!!!!! your not even on beat and we can see your benis through your zip…or maybe thats just an bent pinky growing out….

    you be dissed bad bitch now get offline!!

  8. Marco Fourie says:

    looking at you pisses me off

  9. Marco Fourie says:

    loser wanna be pro suckking shuffler… ill waste your ass by standing still :/

  10. yes he did
    this woodhead
    and sry for bad english 🙂

  11. Kristen Pool says:

    Ladies and gentlmen, presenting “How not to shuffle”

  12. TheRazrsharp16 says:

    nice TV, I remember 1995.

  13. Brutal Rooster says:

    LMFAO AHAHAHA THE JUMP THE JUMP THen the huck norris chuck norris lol you gotta feel the music in ya body

  14. Itz_Sammie_ says:

    4:39-4:41 Did he just say Chuck Norris xD

  15. The amount of retards in these comments who can’t realize they’re joking is embarrassing.

  16. The PiikaShu says:

    Wth did I just watch…..

  17. katedeadmonster says:

    i hope so !! this is not shuffle this is 2 idiots dancing something that isn’t shuffle at all !!

  18. prasinos kaylias says:

    is this a parody??

  19. jonas sparra says:

    title should be “how not to shuffle”

  20. sean green says:

    This is obviously a joke. They’re definitely making fun of shuffling. Shuffle 232 and Bill dog, i mean are you serious?

  21. iggyhernandez83 says:

    They can kinda melboure but w.e since is malasian

  22. iggyhernandez83 says:

    Idk wers the shufgle store

  23. skyynig08 says:

    its has to be a joke. i hope nobody ever dances like this and says to themselves “Fuck ya”

  24. Michael Xie says:

    I’m pretty sure this is a joke. It’s hilarious.

  25. Giovanni Bolden says:

    This is to stuped, i still love it though