i was experimenting with the one-step, dont leave hate comments! ^^
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25 Responses to “One-step shuffle and Melbourne”

  1. elitekiller0001 says:

    @warsniperNL96 I do hardstyle 1 step -.- its not hard and don’t like it to bad it’s my style -.-

  2. elitekiller0001 says:

    I do 1 step hardstyle I used to do 2 step but it didn’t feel like in a way natural but 1 step did :/ I can’t really even tell the difference anymore haven’t done 2 step for over a year :/ it confuses me that people think just cause I’m doing 1step I cantbe a good shuffler -.- thoughts dude? And nice phats 🙂

  3. fudgeXmonkeyXpajamas says:

    Hey i came here from jhobd’s video and hes a personal friend of mine, infact we go to school together. anyway this is good and i enjoyed watching it… keep it up man. and your cloths are fine, but the baggy pants or “phats” are awesome and look better…

  4. warsniperNL96 says:

    One step shuffle aint it for me ;), hardstyle shuffle is the one for me!

  5. The1717awesome says:

    @rayshizzlefull cool i didnt mean it that way sorry lets be friends btw i glowstick and rave also:D

  6. fritzboxwlan2 says:

    @yodaduh but I think you want that your videos look cool 🙂 so..Do it 😀

  7. rayshizzlefull says:

    i glove, i rave, i glow stick some what, spread love, peace.

  8. goraywilliamjohnson says:

    phat pants make all the difference

  9. The1717awesome says:

    @rayshizzlefull so do i… and melbourn…and techno……and i glowstick and rave ………

  10. SouthWestShuffler says:

    one step is gaaayyy two step is way better and you are way better at it

  11. rayshizzlefull says:

    @The1717awesome i actually hardstyle so yea

  12. The1717awesome says:


  13. HardElectricKidz says:

    all haters. stfu. this guy is one of the best shufflers and you cant stop hhim from shuffling,

  14. drummerboy69able says:

    @StealthyShizaku lets just say what this kid is doing in the video isnt shuffling (one step). electro is for poser mainstream fags aka lmfao fags. if you found out about shuffling through lmfao you are not ever considered a shuffler/ raver.

  15. GYPSYnhs says:

    where did you get your phat pants from they are rad as man

  16. punishyourfurniture says:

    your melbourne shuffle is good,….but i can’t understand the “one-step”. xD it looks like: ” I want to shuffle but i can’t”

    and I love your phatt pants^^

  17. PokeShuffle says:

    Ok can someone tell me exactly how to do One Step cause i really like the look of it.

  18. GruntProX says:

    Bro yodauh did you pay for your phatties using paypal at phattpants(dot)com

  19. whats the name of the song at 2:22? hehe 🙂

  20. MrInlineman says:

    @jaskari1 you dont wanna be fat and wear them lol

  21. rachizouti says:

    @FOSinc lol it means thank you in french

  22. @rachizouti merci?lolwut does that mean

  23. rachizouti says:

    @FOSinc Merci

  24. @rachizouti yea pretty much,just make two similar size slide when ur doing the running man 😀

  25. rachizouti says:

    so wait is the one step like a further step and more of a hop than the melbourne? because its something i wanna avoid when practicing